Gujarat: 60 kg beef seized, restaurateur held for serving cow meat

Surat, Sep 16 (IANS) A restaurateur was captured on the charges of serving hamburger to his clients instead of meat and 60 kg of cow meat was seized from his eatery Delhi Dastarkhwan in Gujarat’s Surat.

Lalgate police headquarters head constable Yajendra Dadubhai expressed that on September 11, he had gotten a protest that hamburger is being put away and served in Delhi Dastarkhwan eatery, after which he, alongside his group, looked through the premises of the café and found six bundles of meat, each weighing ten kg.

Surat police sent the held onto meat to FSL which affirmed it was cow meat, post which it captured Sarfaraz Mohammad Wazirkhan late Thursday night.

Police are looking for Ansar, who had provided the meat.

Butcher of cow and descendants is completely disallowed in Gujarat.

A case is enrolled under different segments of Counteraction of Remorselessness to Creatures Act 1960 and IPC segments.

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