“He is stuck in ncity”: Fans find ATEEZ Yeosang’s baby picture in now-deleted scene from NCT 127’s video

K-pop fans were in for a wild ride when ATEEZ part Yeosang’s child picture showed up on NCT 127’s most recent episode of To Us.

The startling second fanned out on the web like quickly. ATINYs and NCTzens, which are fandoms of ATEEZ and all NCT subunits individually, even started considering how the occurrence happened.

Around the 00:57 moment mark in the video, Taeil was seen checking out a room in the SM building. The rack as an afterthought was loaded up with outlined photographs of the specialists start to finish. In the now-erased scene, Taeil took a gander at a specific picture that had a couple of NCT individuals on one side, and a child photograph of another K-pop symbol.

While it is normal for craftsmen to not have the foggiest idea about their gathering individuals’ life as a youngster photographs, this occurrence took the cake since it wasn’t of a SM craftsman, however of a craftsman from an alternate organization – KQ Diversion’s gathering ATEEZ’s Yeosang.

Fans divertingly respond to finding ATEEZ’s Yeosang’s child picture in SM Diversion’s structure

In one of the most surprising news in the K-pop being a fan, fans tracked down an association between the two gatherings from various organizations. Being bird of prey looked at is one of the numerous characteristics of a K-pop stan, and it demonstrated how nothing can be stowed away from them in NCT 127’s most recent episode of To Us.

To Us #2 was delivered on January 7, and it circulated around the web for an unpredicted explanation. The episode included Taeil going for a stroll through a world of fond memories by taking a gander at NCT individuals’ photographs all through various periods.

One scene zeroed in on a specific casing, which had a gathering photograph from their Cherry Bomb time. Right close to it was a child’s photograph, which fans in a flash acknowledged was not a NCT part, but rather ATEEZ’s part, Yeosang.

In the interim, it appears to be that SM Diversion representatives learned about Yeosang’s child picture since that specific casing has now been erased. The To Us #2 right now go on with next to no closeup of the Cherry Bomb period picture. Notwithstanding, ATEEZ part’s photograph can in any case be found in the full shot.

Perusers can watch To Us #2 episode underneath:

Elsewhere in the world, ATEEZ as of late gotten back in the game with title track HALAZIA from their most recent collection, Veer off: FROM THE Observer.

NCT 127 are preparing for a January 30 rebound with their fourth repackage collection named Ay-Yo. It will have each of the 12 melodies from the 2 Baddies alongside three new tunes named Ay-Yo, DJ, and High rise.

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