Hear H.E.R. as Belle and Josh Groban as The Beast for First Time in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Anniversary Special

As H.E.R. what’s more, Josh Groban telling a story as old as possible time, and Individuals can only uncover how the team will sound in ABC’s forthcoming Excellence and the Monster: A 30th Festival! In the clasp of H.E.R., 25, fans first seeto the Captivated Rose sitting on a table that is setting up an electric guitar managed in gold.

As strides approach, the “Might have Been” vocalist swaggers into the faintly lit room while wearing a stylish pantsuit in Beauty’s unmistakable gold.

She gets the guitar and uncovers a story length train hung from her coat, summoning the Disney princess’ famous outline.

She gets the rose-printed guitar pick and plays the introduction of the film’s nominal tune, singing the initial words: “Story as old as time…”

For his promotion, the 41-year-old “You Raise Me Up” vocalist enters and snatches The Monster’s blue cape from a coat rack close to the Charmed Rose, whirling it over his shoulders.

He then, at that point, gets the Charmed Mirror prior to proceeding with the verses: “Magnificence and the Monster.” Rita Moreno will act as the storyteller, and balancing the cast are Shania Twain as Mrs. Potts, Martin Short as Lumiére, David Alan Grier as Cogsworth, Joshua Henry as Gaston, Rizwan Manji as LeFou, Jon Briones as Maurice and Leo Abelo Perry as Chip.

From leader maker Jon M. Chu and chief Hamish Hamilton, the two-hour exceptional will include a mix of movement and true to life, alongside never-before-seen melodic exhibitions, pristine sets and ensembles propelled by the film. “Excellence and the Monster was consistently a game-changing true to life experience for me,” Chu recently told The Hollywood Correspondent.

“At the point when the energized film emerged, I watched it on various occasions in the primary end of the week.

“It showed me the external furthest reaches of what vivified craftsmen and narrators could accomplish. So the way that I get to leader produce a recognition for all the creatives that made this magnum opus through our Electric Some place organization is a fantasy I didn’t actually believe was conceivable,” Chu added. The Excellence and the Monster: A 30th Festival unique soundtrack from Walt Disney Records is accessible for presale now and will drop on Dec. 15, that very day the extraordinary debuts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.