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Viviane Dieye is involved with Herve Renard, Saudi Arabia football crew supervisor. Viviane was recently hitched to the mentor Bruno Metsu.

As an expert football trainer, Herve should venture to every part of the globe for games. His better half, Viviane, goes along with him on these excursions, and the two appreciate sharing their experiences and making new recollections any place they go.

They partake in eating out together, getting a charge out of upscale cooking, and recording their elite events with loved ones through photographs.

Personal information
Full name Hervé Jean-Marie Roger Renard
Date of birth 30 September 1968 (age 54)
Place of birth Aix-les-Bains, France
Position(s) Defender

In football, he is known as a strategic virtuoso, and he credits this to his accomplice, who gives him mental help, scrutinizes his training style, and thoughts for new procedures.

Furthermore, they love each other, carry on with an extravagant coexistence, and are regularly seen clasping hands out in the open.

Relationship Course of events Of Viviane Dieye And Herve Renard Viviane Dieye met Herve through shared companions and is currently seeing someone. They’ve known one another for quite a while and met a couple of times when they were with their companions, and as they began talking and getting to know one another more, they fell head over heels.

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard secured the bunch in 2016 and cheerfully wedded. They wedded subsequent to being seeing someone north of a year, and their sentiment is as yet continuing forward.

They live in Saudi Arabia, where Herve is the public group mentor, and carry on with prosperous existences since the Saudi group pays their mentor liberally.

Herve Renard likewise supports Viviane Dieye’s store, which he has advanced on numerous occasions. The athletic gear store in Casablanca is just for ladies and has been a famous foundation there, with a few notable brands accessible.

The store is situated in the business center of the financial city Twin Center. It has been accounted for in different news sources over here, as well just like a famous stop for superstars.

Viviane Dieye and Herve Renard took their youngsters from their past relationship on a climb, lived it up together, and had a little dry outing at Leo Highest point.

They observed Herve’s oldest girl Audrey’s birthday while they held the occasion with negligible visitors, which was an extremely close assembling.

Despite the fact that she is the oldest offspring of Herve’s past relationship, Viviane loves her as though she is her youngster.

In July 2021, they went to Senegal with their companions during a get-away and lived it up together and partook in a ton while having their time.

While Viviane is likewise from Senegal, they visit their families together when they visit there and are revered by their relatives; notwithstanding having a previous relationship, the two of them comprehend and acknowledge their past.

They went on a pleasant supper date together and partook in their time along with a few sushi and wine, which Herve Renard shared on his Instagram.

The entire family visited the Riyadh safari toward the end of the week and lived it up there. It is a lovely park with various creatures and different exercises.

They are currently in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and have been visiting various locales, encountering new feasts, and investigating their way of life, as seen on their Instagram.

She was likewise giving a shout out to his hubby during Saudi Arabia’s new game.