“He’s telling us to calm down?”: TXT’s Taehyun’s Weverse reply on Daydream concept photos cause chaos

TXT’s Taehyun as of late remarked on a fan’s exuberant remark about their most recent idea photograph in his quieting way, prompting fans moving the words “Quiet Down” with 29k tweets.

Disarray resulted in the K-popular being a fan when BIGHIT MUSIC delivered the gathering’s idea photographs on January 9 12 PM KST. In the photoshoot, every one of the five individuals uncovered their skin and displayed either their shoulders, collarbones, or the whole back.

Fans’ remarks went from invigorated (composed) screeches to overstated responses, and Taehyun answered to one fan’s remark, requesting that they “quiet down.” While the icon is known as the most quiet yet savage part, his answer increased fans’ fervor as they then started responding to his remark.

On January 9 12 PM KST, TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER, delivered idea photographs for their new collection, The Name Section: Allurement. While MOAs had equipped to observe the main gander at the idea photographs, they didn’t expect that they were in for a turbulent ride.

In the photographs, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai looked marvelous as they lolled in the sun in a woodland like setting. The delicate cosmetics on the individuals made them look extra beguiling, yet what lost fans the rails were the outfits. Every part wore an outfit that flaunted their muscles, abs, or shoulders somehow.

As fans started remarking on the shock uncover, they were helped to remember Huening Kai’s admonition before the photographs’ delivery. The icon had informed fans that they may be “somewhat stunned” when they first see the photos, adding that the photos were “truly lovely.”

MOAs were simply later ready to grasp the explanation for the message, and they before long started sharing the “Dream” idea pictures via virtual entertainment. One fan posted Taehyun’s photograph on Weverse with the inscription:

With the progress of their new EP minisode2: Thursday’s Kid’s title track Great Kid Turned sour and English single Valley of Untruths, TXT and MOA had an exhilarating 2022. The gathering likewise held its most memorable World Visit Act: Infatuated from July to October.

The achievement saw TXT graph at number nine on Hanteo’s Yearly World Outline and Yearly Actual Record Diagram. One b-side from minisode 2, named Thursday’s Youngster Has Far To Go, likewise positioned number 49 in NME’s The 50 Best Tunes of 2022 rundown.

The gathering’s rebound collection, The Name Section: Enticement, is booked to deliver on January 27, 2023, at 2 pm KST.

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