“He’s the sweetest”: BTS V’s French bodyguard reveals the idol’s off-camera personality

During the new Paris Style Week, ARMYs met BTS V’s French guardian who went with the icon on a few events during his last excursion to Paris Design Week in June 2022 for Celine’s Spring 2023 show. V, who turned into the superstar with his allure last year, additionally won the hearts of the staff who worked with him during his visit.

However it probably won’t put on a show of being a shock to numerous ARMYs who’ve known V previously, his French protector uncovered that BTS V has a charming character and was extremely modest with the staff all through his excursion.

From playing a round of ball to embracing the guardian as a goodbye before he left Paris, the two appeared to click all around well for the brief time frame they’d known one another.

The guardian shared that separated from being grounded and chill during their communications, V likewise proposed to take pictures with him, which finished with three series between the two.

Elsewhere in the world, he likewise explained the much charming inquiry of fans regarding the reason why V wasn’t seen leaving with the other two going with participants of the show, Park Bo-gum and BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

He expressed that because of the weighty group and amassing individuals at the exit, BTS V utilized a side access to keep away from additional expansions in the group. Following the news raising a ruckus around town, ARMYs couldn’t resist the opportunity to faint over V’s steadily enchanting and humble character, which causes fans to feel glad to stan the symbol.

The discussion with BTS V’s French guardian happened at the 2023 Paris Design week when a Military perceived the protector as the person who went with V last year.

The fan was available at the show to watch BTS Jimin, who was the current year’s participant, and upon acknowledgment, they started a discussion with the guardian, nonchalantly getting some information about how functioning with V was.

The fan likewise uncovered that he/she was at first keen on participating in a discussion to get a decent spot to get an unmistakable perspective on BTS Jimin. In any case, the protector appeared to be truly eager to share his experience as he kept on adulating V on how quite humble the K-pop icon was all through his excursion.

However many fans could figure that the two lived it up working with one another last year, given their sweet cooperations and the good time they enjoyed with one another, the unexpected surface of similar after very nearly a year both shocked and energized fans.

Normally, fans overwhelmed Twitter with acclaim, not only for BTS V and his charming character yet additionally for the French guardian who was adequately decent to impart his experience and chat to ARMYs.

While the guessed return of V at the 2023 Paris Style Week didn’t move about, fans were eager to see BTS j-trust and Jimin being situated in the first line seats of the show together.

As an ever increasing number of tales about BTS individuals’ practical characters surface on the web, fans can’t resist the urge to faint over the young men and give them acclaim.