How Did Margaret Duckhorn Die? Wine Industry Icon Cause of Death Explained

Margaret Duckhorn, fellow benefactor of Duckhorn Grape plantations from Napa Valley died on November 26, 2022.

How Did Margaret Duckhorn Die?  Margaret Duckhorn, fellow benefactor of perhaps of California’s most notable winery, Duckhorn Grape plantations, died on November 26 at 83 years old.

The Duckhorn Portfolio, the organization she established, didn’t uncover a reason for death. Duckhorn Grape plantations affirmed the Margaret’s demise and the passing assertion peruses,

“It is with overwhelming sadness that we share the news that Margaret Duckhorn, our organization’s fellow benefactor, spent away this end of the week. Margaret was a famous and spearheading figure in the cutting edge Napa Valley winemaking time and a mainstay of our neighborhood local area. Her family imparted to us that she died calmly in her rest.”

In lieu of blossoms, the family prescribes gifts to the Napa Valley People group Establishment.

Margaret Duckhorn Reason for Death The prime supporter of Duckhorn Grape plantations, Margaret Duckhorn died Saturday at 83 years old, calmly in her St. Helena, California home. Margaret Duckhorn reason for death is normal, and maturing related issues is expected.

She labored for a very long time to lay out Duckhorn Grape plantations’ standing for quality and greatness. Margaret was a notable individual from the Napa Valley wine local area, known for her devotion to the business and feeling of liberality.

An internet based recognition board has been made for anybody wishing to impart a message or sympathies to Margaret’s loved ones.

Who was Margaret Duckhorn? Margaret Duckhorn filled in as an organizer behind People for WineSense. She was a previous board individual from the American Organization of Wine and Food.

Margaret was a past leader of the Napa Valley Vintners Affiliation, and the previous director of the leading group of the California Wine Organization.

Margaret had a remarkable ability that added to Napa Valley’s acknowledgment on a worldwide scale. Along with her ex, Dan Duckhorn, she assembled the Duckhorn Portfolio, one of California’s just public wineries. Duckhorn rose up out of a little privately-owned company into one of the most notable wine brands on the planet. Duckhorn added to a cross country craving for Merlot, which was disliked when the winery initially started delivering it yet bloomed into quite possibly of the most well known wine in the US during the 1980s and 1990s.

Numerous Napa Valley wineries were involving Merlot as a mixing grape in the last part of the 1970s. In any case, Margaret and Dan accepted that this wonderful varietal was misjudged in North America and upheld for its likely in California as a fine independent wine.

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