How did police arrest Adam Matos? Details explored ahead of A&E’s Taking the Stand

In September 2014, Adam Matos was tracked down the excellent suspect in four Hudson, Florida, killings. He was captured days after he purportedly dedicated the homicides when specialists gave a golden alarm for his and Megan Earthy colored’s four-year-old medically introverted child, Tristan.

Adam Matos was captured in a midtown Tampa inn on September 5, on one occasion after specialists supposedly found the deteriorating bodies of the four casualties from a field about a mile from the Earthy colored family’s leased Hudson home. He supposedly killed the four casualties at their home on August 28.

A forthcoming episode of Standing up on A&E named Adam Matos will talk about the horrendous killings exhaustively this Thursday, January 19, 2023, at 10.01 pm ET. The outline peruses:

“At the point when a whole family is found in a rotting heap of bodies by the side of a Florida street, the chase is on to find what police dread may be two additional casualties; a man and his child are seen as alive, sending off a peculiar examination.”
This article will additionally plunge into the particulars of the situation that happened in the days that followed.

Close by killing his ex and her beau, Adam Matos additionally killed the previous’ folks

Florida man Adam Matos was associated with killing his ex Megan Brown, her folks, and her new sweetheart prior to escaping with his medically introverted child, Tristan. He purportedly shot and beat his casualties to death on August 28. Then, in the days that followed, Matos covered them with a digging tool he purchased with one of their check cards.

Not long later, he was captured at an inn and accused of four counts of first-degree murder. Specialists found the bodies disintegrating in a side of the road region near the Hudson house where Matos dwelled with his child’s mom and her folks — three of his four casualties.

Megan Brown, Matos’ 27-year-old ex and mother of his child, died from a discharge twisted to the head, like her kid father, Gregory Brown, who was likewise shot. Notwithstanding, her mom, Margaret Brown, was found with huge head wounds and a plastic sack covering her face, which probably caused suffocation. In the mean time, the 37-year-former sweetheart, Nicholas Leonard, was clubbed to death.

As per reports, Matos dealt with his mentally unbalanced child in the days after he carried out the killings. Before his capture, he let neighbors know that the family was away while utilizing Margaret’s Visa to buy pizza for the four-year-old and a digging tool he supposedly used to cover the bodies. Up to that point, he was residing in the Earthy colored family home with the bodies actually present.

Adam Matos was cornered by the police at the Floridan Castle Lodging

Specialists showed up at the Browns’ home on September 4 when a concerned companion called 911 in the wake of neglecting to reach out to any relatives. That very day, specialists found the parasite covered, rotting bodies about a pretty far from the house, after which the manhunt for Adam Matos began.

At the point when police looked into the suspect’s call records from August 28, they found 200 calls to Megan Brown and her mom between 7.49 am and 4.13 pm. Megan was most recently seen leaving her working environment that day at around 11 pm. Simultaneously, specialists likewise gave a golden alarm for the previous couple’s child, which went on for around 12 hours.

On September 5, Matos and Tristan showed up at the Floridan Castle Lodging right on time fully intent on making a trip to the Florida Keys by transport soon thereafter. Notwithstanding, Adam Matos was captured before long.

The specialists asserted that they fooled him into leaving his room on the eighteenth floor of the old lodging in the wake of discovering that he had actually looked at in utilizing his genuine name. The police then, at that point, captured and accused him of four counts of first-degree murder.