“I Did You A Favor In The Past” Halima Abubakar Calls Out Linda Ikeji, Issues Her A Stern Warning

Since her re-visitation of online entertainment, Nollywood entertainer Halima Abubakar has been hauling her partners and any individual who imparted a tent to her most despised foe.

As per reports, Halima Abubakar got into a sticky situation about her relationship with a minister, Messenger Johnson Suleman, and her senior partner, Shan George, in September.

Halima Abubakar resumed their fight by dividing screen captures of a supposed discussion among Shan George and the pastor.

In the visit, Missionary inquired as to whether Halima had any proof against her, and Shan George answered that the entertainer isn’t adequately brilliant to keep it.

She was seething at Shan George and asked why the entertainer was after her.

Shan George spread bogus tales about her having malignant growth quite a while back, as per Halima. Shan George, then again, apologized.

Halima Abubakar took steps to uncover more insights concerning her relationship with the cleric.

In another post, Halima encouraged the entertainer to quit shielding him since she would come to think twice about it.

Considering that the entertainer has youngsters, Halima accepts the Messenger would hurt Shan George the most.

Linda Ikeji, in the same way as other media sources, covered the news; notwithstanding, Halima Abubakar was disappointed with the manner in which the blogger covered hers. Linda Ikeji was supposedly paid to paint her in a negative light, as per Halima Abubakar.

Halima then, at that point, helped Linda to remember the blessing she had accomplished for her. She composed on her Instagram story, “Dear Linda, what’s up Ikeji? How are you? OK, focused, Linda. In the event that you don’t post my story on your Instagram, kindly don’t post it on your blog.

You’ve proactively picked a side… for what reason would you say you are posting codedly? Linda, I helped you out before. How about we make all the difference for that energy.

Go on with your pr gyal. That drives me crazy.”