‘I Didn’t Attend Higher Institution, But I’m Brainy And Smarter Than People Who Went To The Best Of Schools’ – Kudirat Ogunro

Skilled Nigerian entertainer, Kudirat Ogunro who likewise serves as a business visionary has plainly expressed that despite the fact that she didn’t have the honor to go to a higher foundation she’s more brilliant and more clever than a portion of the individuals who went through the four walls of the college.

“The best example I have learnt is putting stock in myself, right all along. However I didn’t go to a higher organization, I can strongly say I’m smart and more brilliant than certain individuals who went to the best of schools. I have learnt not to abandon my fantasies, and I’m continuously following the fair treatment since nothing in this world is programmed,” she told The Sun Papers in a new meeting.

Asked how she has been adapting as a solitary mum and what exhortation she has for single parents out there, Kudirat Ogunro said, “It has not been simple. On the off chance that I say it’s been simple, I’m a big liar. Assuming that I start to consider my life process this moment, I will be so sad. Is it when my child was only half a month old and I could back her and bird of prey ewedu (vegetables) or when I was a dishwasher in one amala joint in Yaba, to have two feasts each day? Or on the other hand is it when my mom sent me out of the house, and my girl and I needed to tolerate my companions, who were seven currently in a little room? In any case, I say thanks to God for his solidarity and how I have had the option to get through with difficult work and assurance.

You know, single parents are not something very similar. Some are gathering stipends from their child daddies, while some are widows left with some property or help from their spouses’ families. My case is different in light of the fact that I have a child daddy however he’s not dependable by any means. Along these lines, my recommendation to single parents out there is: find yourself sufficiently early, be brilliant and be diligent.”


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Notwithstanding her misfortune encounters, Kudirat Ogunro said she hasn’t fixed her heart against marriage.

Hear her: “Chai! This specific inquiry hits me so hard. Well… you see, this my heart has been sewed harshly, meaning I have had a ton of dissatisfactions in my relationship. In any case, I’m somebody who loves to cherish and I won’t say I won’t ever allow love an opportunity from this point forward. I’m available to marriage however this time around, I will look very a long time before I jump.”