“I didn’t know Apostle Suleiman was married 11years ago” Halima Abubakar makes new revelation

Nollywood entertainer Halima Abubakar is expecting to start another part of her life following her muddled relationship with Messenger Suleman.

The entertainer who got back to Instagram following quite a while of nonappearance hauled the priest and her senior partner, Shan George.

Halima Abubakar had uncovered how she met Messenger Suleiman as they fought over the mysteries spilt on the web a couple of months prior.

Review that the show between Missionary Suleiman and Halima Abubakar began in June when a disputable blogger, Significance Sweetheart, revealed that the entertainer was associated with a relationship with the godly man, who is supposedly an obsession.

The unremarkable blog divulged various insider facts and personalities purportedly associated with Missionary Suleiman.

Returning their fight, Halima took steps to uncover more mysteries via online entertainment on the off chance that anybody attempted to menace her with superfluous messages.

She likewise took a swipe a Shan George, whom she guaranteed was working connected at the hip with Missionary Suleiman to conceal web journals and make her a liar.

While answering a savage who blamed her for having a relationship with a wedded man and attempting to acquire compassion from others. Halima unveil how she met the exceptionally venerated pastor of God, guaranteeing she met him as an isolated money manager with three children.

Halima took to her Instagram story hours prior to repeat that she didn’t realize he was hitched when she dated him.

As indicated by her, their undertaking was quite a while back.

“As I said, I didn’t realize he was hitched. a long time back”

Halima Abubakar likewise uncovered her arrangements to begin another section.

“Can hardly stand by to begin another part. I merit it. See you soon”.