”I don’t get what I just watched”: Fans baffled over Joaquin Phoenix’s Beau is Afraid trailer

The new trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Lover is Worried is out and has been the topic of conversation among fans. The charming trailer offers a look into chief Ari Aster’s remarkable world, loaded with puzzling characters with weird thought processes and wants.

Since the trailer was delivered, fans on Twitter have been attempting to translate the plot, with many referencing that they can’t sort out what’s going on with the film. One client said that they didn’t ”get” what they observed however applauded the trailer.

Playmate is Apprehensive stars Phoenix alongside Nathan Path and Amy Ryan, among numerous others, in key jobs. It is set to hit auditoriums on April 21, 2023.

A few fans took to Twitter to share their contemplations on the new trailer for Joaquin Phoenix’s Playmate is Apprehensive. While many valued the trailer’s by and large puzzling tone and stylish viewpoints, others attempted to hypothesize about the plot and referenced they had no clue about what was going on with the plot. The initial scene of the trailer for Lover is Apprehensive shows Joaquin Phoenix’s harmed face as he gazes directly into the camera with no appearance. A frightful voiceover starts,

The trailer momentarily portrays a couple of key scenes from the film without uncovering any significant plot focuses. By and large, it has an eerie tone that devotees of the chief will perceive.

Fans can expect an environmental, character-driven show that investigates human instinct’s clouded side in view of the Lover is Apprehensive trailer. A24’s fresh outline of the film peruses:

”A neurotic man leaves on a legendary odyssey to return home to his mom in this striking and cleverly debased new movie from essayist/chief Ari Aster.”
Chief Ari Aster is most popular for coordinating acclaimed thrillers like Midsommar and Innate.

Joaquin Phoenix featured in Mike Plants’ acclaimed show, Hey now Hey now, in 2021. The film portrays the connection between a radio columnist and his nephew. Here is a short depiction of the film, according to Spoiled Tomatoes:

”Johnny (Joaquin Phoenix) and his young nephew (Woody Norman) fashion a questionable yet groundbreaking relationship when they are out of the blue put together in this sensitive and profoundly moving tale about the associations among grown-ups and kids, the past and the future, from essayist chief Mike Plants.”

The film got high commendation from pundits and fans who went wild about the composition, exhibitions, and storyline, in addition to other things. Throughout the long term, Phoenix has featured in a few notorious films like The Expert, Her, and You Were Rarely Truly Here, to give some examples.

He has gotten broad basic approval for his one of a kind acting style, with numerous pundits and contemporary entertainers believing him to be one of the best entertainers of the 21st 100 years. Aside from the films referenced above, Phoenix is allegedly set to play the lead job in the eagerly awaited Joker continuation, named Joker: Folie à Deux and Napoleon.

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