I Get Better Meat For Body, I Dey Share Am – Actress, Destiny Etiko Stirs Reactions With New Photos

Subsequent to sharing a few ongoing self-representations on the web, entertainer Predetermination Etiko has excited banter.

The entertainer kidded on her Instagram page that she had a ton of “tissue” in her body and will impart part of it to other people.

The entertainer wore a dark legging with a light blue tank top that flaunted her base well.

She wrote: I SHA GET BETTER MEAT FOR BODY  Indeed OR NO ??? ABEG I DEY Offer AM OO… COME MAKE I CUT Little FOR U  Fans commended the content translator for her surprising constitution because of the pictures.

otweytwey composed: “Ahhh assuming that I get this body it’s over for you all this one na ikebe super ” chichinwa_ composed:
“Who dey check am  their absolutely favorite can neverrr ”

anibal_raph1 composed: “Who they cleave this meat, they appreciate”

silas_prince_udeme composed: “Goodness Chim e reach to share nne ”

r.ica4132 composed: “You do and it’s all regular “