I remember impregnating many women while my mates were in school — Charly Boy narrates [Video]

The notable entertainer Charly Kid reviews different important choices that he made that have changed as he has matured.

Oneself depicted Region Fada utilized online entertainment to portray a few past activities and patterns that he had recently upheld.

Charly Kid referenced a couple of things, similar to how he once committed his life to delivering various youngsters with different ladies, how he once had a deadlock haircut and promised to keep it till he died, and his affection for riding power bicycles in addition to other things.

Charly Kid summarized all that by communicating supernatural quality about the vast marvels of living souls that fluctuate routinely after some time.

Elsewhere in the world, Idris Okuneye, otherwise called Bobrisky, a notable Nigerian drag queen, guarantees that he has made critical interests in his body to propel his image.

In a new Instagram post, oneself depicted “mummy of Lagos” guaranteed he took the risk to lay out the “Bobrisky” brand.

In any case, he gave an assertion to his savages making sense of that tragically he can never again fix any of his methodology and that their insults showed up later than expected.

In a way that would sound natural to him:

“I’M THAT Terrible BITCH THAT HAS Contributed Such a great amount ON MY BODY. NOTHING IS Difficult TO Accomplish IN AS MUCH UR Financial balance IS Grinning Haha, I Pick WHO I Want to BE AND I’M Cheerful AM Daring TO Let it all out. YOUR Savages OR Affront IS Past the point of no return Miserable IT Can’t Invert Every one of MY Medical procedures. I Faced D Challenge Presently I’M BOBRISKY.”