“I was naive and innocent” Monalisa Chinda reflects on her past year as she marks 48th birthday

Nollywood entertainer Monalisa Chinda requires only supplications from her fans and darlings as she turns 48 today, September 13.

The fair looking entertainer took to her Instagram page to ponder the previous year.

Monalisa noticed how the universe has really focused on her and given her magnificence and love.

Monalisa described how she was born gullible and guiltless, yet today, she is more grounded, kinder, and more experienced than any other time.

Offering thanks, she implored her fans to appeal to God for her.  “Another wonderful year has passed in the excursion of knowing myself. Life is magnificent, as am I. This universe has really focused on me and given me magnificence and love as of not long ago, I was born into this world as a gullible and honest soul, yet today I’m more grounded, kinder, and more experienced than any other time. I’m exceptionally appreciative to the world. Cheerful Born Day to the world. Say an expression of supplication for me Fam love you”.

Kemi Filani news reviews Monalisa Chinda had uncovered her partners’ extravagant ways of life as she revealed how they make money as Nollywood experts.

The delightful entertainer took to Instagram to share a video of veteran Nollywood entertainers and entertainers who had been proclaimed missing for quite a long time, Cynthia Okereke and Clemson Cornell.

Monalisa Chinda responded to the colossal requests expected by the hijackers of Cynthia and Clemson by uncovering the situations of Nollywood stars.

As per the mum of one, Nollywood entertainers get a pitiful sum as charges, in spite of the conviction of numerous that they are rich.

Monalisa Chinda additionally asserted that they go through various battles, medical problems and unsavory circumstances for which their income couldn’t cook.

She composed: I don’t have the foggiest idea about how individuals could feel that Actors have cash… with the measly aggregate we get as expenses? The battle through life changes, medical problems and so forth we face each now n then, at that point???  $100k from where?  The numbers that were utilized to speak with them can undoubtedly be followed.. I mean.. 😭😭😭  The pursuit is on🙏🙏🙏  @actorsguildofnigeria  We should continue reposting, please…

Monalisa Chinda’s assertion uncovered Nollywood specialists who persuade their fans to think they live in light of their profit.

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