I Was So Broke, I Used To Steal Food- Tems Narrate Her Past Struggles

Famous Nigerian vocalist lyricist Temilade Openiyi, notable by his stage as Tems, has raised past hardships. She conceded that at one point in her life, she needed to take food to make due.

Tems expressed during a meeting with GQ magazine that she used to go see her auntie to get dinners to bring back.

She expressed this as she portrayed her earlier difficulties, noticing that at that point, she had minimal expenditure and felt irredeemable.

She said; “There were times when I was not recently broke; I was down and out and miserable. I used to take food. I used to go to my aunt’s home to make sure she could give me food to bring back home. “I just felt like, Why even bother with me existing at present? You need to recollect those times. Since that individual doesn’t exist any longer.”

Additionally remember that Tems has revealed that the year she delivered “Mr. Renegade,” she was monetarily tied, living alone, and feeling forced to help her loved ones.

She passed on her work to focus on music, which made matters more troublesome in light of the fact that she would at this point not have the option to address everybody’s issues because of the absence of a protected, extremely durable profession.

The Attempt Me vocalist added that to understand her objectives of having a prosperous music vocation, she needed to set out on an excursion of self-disclosure and development.
“The choice I made was to not flounder in bitterness and decided to quit seeing myself as “this individual that can be nothing”.

Tems added; “I had no confidence. I didn’t think I was pretty. I didn’t actually consider my voice anything. I recently thought, There are so many individuals that can sing, I’m not a model, I don’t move, but rather anything that opportunity I have, I’ll take it. Regardless of whether I wind up singing under an extension some place, I’ll be awesome under-the-span vocalist of all time.