ID’s A Time to Kill: Where is Jose Adame today?

In 2016, Jose Adame, 28, was sentenced for first-degree murder subsequent to being viewed as at fault for holding his 21-year-old Cuban-beginning ex Landy Martinez hostage and lethally shooting him two times in December 2011. Specialists guaranteed that a video recorded on Martinez’s telephone that morning, just before he was gunned down, showed him tied, crying, and arguing for his life.

In an emergency call made by the person in question, Adame could be heard shooting Martinez in the head and chest. It was affirmed that he broke into the casualty’s St. Petersburg home, stripped the spot, tormented him with the help of an associate, and lethally shot him over a separation.

As per reports, Jose Adame was allowed a lifelong incarceration without an opportunity of parole and is right now spending time in jail at the Wakulla Restorative Organization in Wakulla Region, Florida.

A Chance to Kill on ID will have an all-new episode further dive into Landy Martinez’s case with new points and viewpoints. The episode, named Killing in St. Petersburg, airs on Friday, January 13, at 10.00 pm ET. The rundown peruses as:

Roughly a decade prior, Jose Adame was accused of lethally shooting his ex Landy Martinez subsequent to tormenting him four days before Christmas on December 21, 2011.

That day, 911 administrators had gotten an upsetting call from 21-year-old Martinez, who was heard frantically calling for help, guaranteeing that “they need to kill me.” When requested a location, dispatchers just got his name and heard two discharges just before the call got detached. Specialists had the option to limit the region for additional examination concerning the dubious call.

In something like 60 minutes, a second emergency call from a lady mentioning a government assistance check drove the police to Landy Martinez’s home. At the point when police showed up at the scene, they found that the surveillance cameras had been incapacitated, the house was broken into and stripped. The restroom was additionally in complete disorder.

As per the Latin Post, specialists later found Landy Martinez dead from two shot injuries – one in the chest and the other toward the rear of the head – in the room. He additionally supported blade wounds and consumes to his eyes and neck from openness to the Drano fluid handyman.

Moreover, when the departed’s body was found, specialists found a portable under the sleeping cushion, which comprised of a video of him getting tormented, bound with conduit tape, and asking for his life inside the restroom.

Despite the fact that specialists at first thought Martinez’s then-beau Jonathan Galacia, proof before long pointed towards Jose Adame, who once imparted an unstable relationship to the person in question. Besides, it was uncovered that the three were fairly associated with a circle of drama and that Martinez had a fierce discussion with Adame simply the night prior to his homicide.

Galicia expressed that he “awakened to texts like, ‘I need to accompany Jose,’ ‘He’s the one,’ ‘I need to offer him another opportunity,” and other comparative words the following morning. Specialists before long found that Adame was very desirous of Jonathan and didn’t deal with the showdown well.

Jose Adame was captured in North Carolina not long later and accused of homicide. He consequently entered a not blameworthy request in the wake of being prosecuted, yet was at last viewed as at legitimate fault for first-degree murder by the jury in 2016 and was given an existence without the chance for further appeal sentence in 2016.

As indicated by Pinellas Region Sheriff’s Office data refered to by the Tampa Narrows Times, Adame purportedly kept ex Landy Martinez prisoner and tormented him, before ultimately killing him. The denounced’s protection, nonetheless, contended that Martinez was killed by a unidentified assistant who was associated with the wrongdoing however was not charged or sentenced in association with it.

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