Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta Lashes Out At Malini

Aryan gets back and declares that he will wed Malini. Family stands stunned hearing that. Neela hollers that Aryan tossed water on her and Preeta’s fantasies. Arpita inquires as to whether he realizes what is he talking about, doesn’t he know Malini . Aryan says he realizes Cheeni well who needs his and his family’s help. Sundar says Malini is strange, he ought to consider Imlie. Aryan says Imlie doesn’t mind of him any longer and has proactively begun a family with another person. Narmada says she can hardly imagine how, who is the individual Imlie has continued on with. Aryan says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea, he has taken a choice and it’s not possible for anyone to transform it. Arpita and Narmada stand stunned.

Malini really takes a look at gems and asks Cheeni how might she look when she enters mandap as Aryan’s lady of the hour. She requests that Cheeni select one set among a large number. Cheeni chooses one. Malini says she will get comparative set for Cheeni additionally as she is answerable for this wedding. Cheeni inquires as to whether she truly needs to wed. Malini says obviously. Cheeni says she wants Imlie back. Malini says Imlie won’t get either Aryan or Cheeni. Cheeni says she can be a lady of the hour yet can never be a champion. Malini cautions her to quiet down up.

Preeta has a grief stricken subsequent to hearing outlook on Aryan’s choice to wed Malini. Neela apologizes her for not satisfying her fantasy. Preeta spills her guts and asks how might Aryan oddball a lady like Imlie and her and wed Malini. Neela says Anu and her girl tricked them, she will get payback from them. Arpita lets Narmada know that she sent her child to a live-in school in view of family issues and will not Aryan wed Malini. Sundar says he realizes Malini well. Narmada Aryan makes wrong strides at whatever point he is furious and just Imlie can stop him. They every one of the 3 god to send Imlie back soon.

Imlie heads towards Rathore house in an auto and asks Seeta maiya. Anu shows marriage things to Malini and says she ought to be content as she is getting hitched to Aryan. Malini says she is wedding reluctantly. Preeta with Neela enters and reprimands Malini that she thought about Malini as a senior sister, yet Malini double-crossed her like she deceived Imlie; Malini had vowed to get her hitched to Aryan, however herself is wedding him now. Anu cautions her to stop her theatrics and asks who let them inside the house. Neela cautions her back to quit yelling. Malini says she isn’t fascinating in Aryan or anybody and is appreciative to them both for aiding her. Neela inquires as to whether Preeta will wed Aryan then. Malini says she will wed Aryan. Preeta inquires as to why was hauled in this then. Malini says she believed that Preeta should turn into a biggest vilian in Imlie’s life, however since Preeta fizzled, she needed to assume responsibility. She says everything is fair enamored and war, and when she didn’t extra her sister and girl, how could she spare Preeta. Cheeni pays attention to their discussion and expectations Imlie comes soon and shows her young lady power.