Imlie 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Malini Plants Bombs During Naming Ceremony Of Imlie’s Baby

Imlie tells Seeta maiya that she can do help her amma and dadda as she has a caring family and 2 cherishing kids. She asks Seeta maiya to safeguard her 2 little girls. Malini arrives at Rathore house to establish bombs during Imlie’s child’s naming function. Imlie sees light gleaming and gets concerned. Aryan strolls to her and takes her to havan setting for naming function.

Sundar messes with Imlie however seeing her anxiety goes to beware of Cheeni. Malini enters with bombs concealed in bloom bushel and thinks she brought 3 bombs this time and won’t leave a solitary relative of Imlie alive. Sundar sees Malini and asks what is she doing here, yet finds another person who says she came here for pooja. He is sorry her and leaves.

Malini fixes bombs and thinks she determined Imlie’s destiny yesterday itself. Sundar gets back to havan scene and lets Imlie know that she really want not stress as he is watching out for everything.

Aryan and Imlie advise Panditji that they need to name their the two girls and call Cheeni. A visitor knocks on Malini. Bomb controller tumbles from Malini’s sack and bombs gets initiated. Malini frenzies and thinks she really wants to escape from that point. Bombs detonate. Individuals frenzy and begin going around.

Aryan sends Sundar, Arpita, and Narmada away and begin looking for Cheeni and child. Malini leg stalls out to a table. Aryana and Imlie track down Cheeni with a child. Aryan removes child. Imlie sees Malini and strolls towards her. Cheeni gets lost once more and Imlie begins looking through her. Cheeni knocks on Malini. Malini argues her to save her mom. Cheeni says khali mali isn’t her mom and starts looking through Imlie. Constable holds and solaces her.
Aryan and Imlie get serious harmed after the bomb impacts. Lying in one another’s arms, they express their adoration for one another. Aryan inquires as to for what reason did she submit to him and went with him, she would have been protected on the off chance that she had not went with him. She says she is protected with him. He says I love you.

She says I love you as well. A constbale races to their salvage yet neglects to lift point of support over them. He goes to find support. Malini is additionally seen seriously harmed. Cheeni strolls to her. Malini says Imlie doesn’t cherish Cheeni, she just played with her sentiments until she personally got a child and her own child is more significant at this point.

Sundar with Arpita and Narmada return and attempt to eliminate support point over Aryaan and Imlie. Aryan requests that they name their little girl as Imlie. Imlie requests that they give equivalent right to Cheeni and think about her as their own little girl.