Imlie 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: A New Beginning After An 18-year Leap

Imlie’s voiceover portrays that her little girl Jr Imlie was distant from everyone else with out father and mother’s affection and subsequently Meethi acquainted her with town for quite a long time. She extra portrays how Jr Imlie got back to Rathore house following 10 years for extra exploration. Arpita and Sundar invite Jr Imlie, but Narmada doesn’t.

At school, Cheeni and different undergrads menace her. Chief requests that Narmada shift Jr Imlie to some Hindi medium staff. Following 18 years, Imlie develops however much be a more youthful young lady with Sr Imlie’s characteristics.

She says her girl shouldn’t actually feel desolate as her mother and father’s gifts are alongside her. Jr Imlie cries her gatekeeper’s home. Sr Imlie’s voice urges her to confront her issues courageously and withdraw the rest of Seeta Maiya.

Imlie goes to Delhi in a vegetable truck. Truck prevents suddenly coming about because of site guests jam. She sees crowd assembling and strolls in bearing of them to test the spot she sees a more youthful rocstar following up on Battameez Dil..

music, hindering the road. She sees constables enjoy tea unperturbed by the block and cautions them to clear the site guests or, more than likely she will name police. Constables drag the rockstar away. Imlie’s dupatta falls all over. Crowd encompasses him, and Imlie leaves. Bairi Piya… music performs inside the foundation.