Inside Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney and Wife Tiffany’s Contentious Divorce, from Infidelity to $315K Rehab

Two years after he originally petitioned for legal separation, previous Blackguard Flatts guitarist Joe Wear Rooney remains secured in lawful limbo with alienated spouse Tiffany Fallon Rooney, as the two rush toward a settlement meeting set for Spring.

Rooney, 47, and model and entertainer Tiffany, 48, secured the bunch in 2006, and share child Jagger, 14, and little girls Raquel, 12, and Devon, 8.

Be that as it may, court records documented in the fallout of Rooney’s underlying separation recording and got by Individuals uncover a contentious he-said, she-said, in which the two players own up to infidelity and Tiffany guarantees the performer’s “ongoing liquor abuse and medication use” prompted their split.

Rooney previously petitioned for legal separation in January 2021, refering to beyond reconciliation contrasts.

Tiffany answered in court in April 2021, blaming the star for “improper conjugal lead.” In the a long time since, the pair have recorded many reports in Davidson Province, Tennessee, including summons of Rooney’s previous bandmates Gary LeVox and Jay DeMarcus, and objections that each blames the other for betrayal.

In October, Rooney recorded a second changed and supplemental grumbling for separate from that blamed Tiffany for going behind his back with her fitness coach while they were still attached.

Tiffany answered in archives of her own five days after the fact, and expressed that while she confessed to cheating, her undertaking was not the explanation their marriage finished, as she just started seeing another person “when [Rooney] had completely removed from their conjugal relationship due, [among other things], to constant liquor addiction and medication use.”

“[Tiffany] has forever been absolutely legit about her infidelity in this, rather than [Rooney] who has over and again lied after swearing to tell the truth about his own infidelity and chronic drug use,” the records state. Tiffany likewise said Rooney’s claimed “ongoing tipsiness and maltreatment of opiate drugs” was the explanation they split, and that his battles finished in his 2021 DUI capture. (The performer was captured and charged in September 2021 after he crashed his vehicle into a timberline in Franklin, Tennessee.

He confessed in June 2022, and was subsequently condemned to two days in prison).

As per the records, Rooney burned through $315,800 on a four-month stay at an extravagance liquor and medication rehabilitation clinic in Utah, yet didn’t let Tiffany know where he was going or allow her the opportunity to propose a more reasonable choice. Tiffany likewise blamed Rooney for having a continuous illicit relationship with one more quiet at the office.

“[Rooney] has owned up to participating in a continuous sexual issue with one more office patient while he was there for his amazingly costly treatment, raising doubt about his devotion to the program,” the records state. In his very own response recorded two days after Tiffany’s reaction, Rooney kept her allegation from getting his “constant tipsiness and maltreatment of opiate drugs,” however conceded he’s pre-owned cocaine “on a couple of events.”

The performer likewise guaranteed that while he “experiences liquor use jumble for which he has gotten treatment,” he doesn’t completely accept that his substance misuse is the explanation their marriage finished, and asserts he prevented drinking from May to September of 2020 at Tiffany’s solicitation.

Similarly as, Rooney additionally confessed to infidelity, yet hit back at his preferred analysis in recovery office, guaranteeing that his business supervisory group picked it for himself and that there were no other reasonable choices “that would have benefitted [his] recuperation in a similar way.”

Yet again tiffany said in her recording that she needs divorce settlement in futuro from Rooney in light of the fact that there’s an opportunity he visits with Rapscallion Flatts; the reports say DeMarcus and LeVox have affirmed that “they would be available to visiting as a band assuming [Rooney] would concur.”

In his recording, however, Rooney demanded the entryway was shut on the “presently outdated” band, and said he “passionately rejects that the band has any designs to rejoin.”

Rooney and Tiffany are each endeavoring to get the other’s counter-objection excused, and the expenses burdened to the next.

Reports recorded in November demonstrate that the two will meet for a separation settlement gathering on Walk 28.

Rooney and his Scalawag Flatts bandmates dropped their goodbye visit in 2020, and said they had no designs to reschedule it “for years to come.”

LeVox recently let Individuals know that he’s “never been alright with the way that it finished,” including October 2021: “I was distraught that Joe Wear quit.”

“It sort of appeared suddenly,” LeVox added. “It was like, ‘Let me attempt to truly make sense of this.’

And afterward I unquestionably wasn’t alright with the pandemic, which dropped everything. I disdain the way that it finished. I disdain that we didn’t get to do this goodbye visit.

I can’t stand the way that it simply feels there’s no conclusion with something that we’ve been so honored with. That will continuously be in my heart.”

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