Is Alicent Hightower Related To Margery Tyrell? Her Family History and Relation With Game Of Thrones

Margery Tyrell is connected with Alicent Hightower in that Alicent is her progenitor from her mom’s side. Two resilient ladies of two in number houses are infact connected with one another.

House Hightower is one of the antiquated imperial houses in the piece of Westeros known as the Compass, which House Tyrell prevalently rules.

Place of the Winged serpent has a definitely more compelled accentuation than the broad Round of Lofty positions. The prequel series centers around the individuals from a solitary family battling for the Iron Lofty position as opposed to exchanging between different tribes. The Hightower family likewise has a huge part to play in the HBO show.

While it is actually the case that House Hightower is famous for being one of the Westerosi houses that avoided open struggle with Aegon the Winner when he initially set off on a mission to join the Seven Realms, one shouldn’t guess that the Hightowers who are as yet alive during Place of the Winged serpent will submit to their Targaryen rulers very as fast.

As per the books, Alicent, specifically, altogether affected the Targaryens’ and the Hightowers’ predetermination, which is probably going to be underscored in the forthcoming prequel series. Considering this, the accompanying data on Alicent Hightower is given to Place of the Mythical beast watchers.

Is Alicent Hightower Connected with Margaery Tyrelll? Margaery Tyrell is a progenitor of the Hightowers on her mom’s side. She is the little girl of Mace Tyrell and Alerie Hightower.

If reality, when Margaery marry Ruler Tommen Baratheon, she momentarily filled in as sovereign partner. Nonetheless, Margaery was annihilated alongside Margaery’s brother and father in the Sept assault by Tommen’s eager for power mother, Cersei.

Despite the fact that Alicent is without a doubt being pressured by her dad to serve Viserys in the primary HOTD episode, as the plot advances, Alicent figures out how to utilize her union with Viserys and her ability to bear kids as her most prominent assets. It’s like the way that Margaery can become sovereign by baiting Tommen into giving her the situation for herself.

It’s very challenging to comprehend the connection between the two ladies thinking about the timetable between them. Alicent would be Margaery’s incredible extraordinary incredible incredible auntie on the off chance that she were dropped from Alicent’s cousins. Margaery was born precisely 150 years after Alicent died. Accordingly, they have around five or six generational distance between the two.

Alicent was born to Ser Otto Hightower. Ser Gwayne Hightower was one of a vague number of her brothers. Four youngsters and three grandchildren were born to Alicent.

At the point when Otto’s more established brother Ord Hightower died, his child Ormund Hightower dominated. The administration was kept up with by the last option. Ruler Leyton Hightower, one of his extraordinary grandkids, had a girl named Alerie who wedded Mace Tyrell to rejoin the two families and brace the two factions under the standard of one House. The Tyrell administration highlighted in Round of Privileged positions has a place with this line.

Margaery, played by Natalie Dormer in the TV series, was Mace Tyrell’s girl. Prior to meeting an unstable “passing” because of Cersei Lannister, she marry first Renly Baratheon, then, at that point, Joffrey Baratheon, and at last Lord Tommen Baratheon.

Alicient Hightower Character Improvement Alicent went to Ruler’s Arrival with her dad when Otto originally expected the job of the Hand of the Lord. She turned into the more established Jaehaerys’ consistent companion while she was there.

Alicent invested such a lot of energy with Viserys’ ancestor, Jaehaerys, that it is accounted for that he died as Alicent was perusing to him. Jaehaerys thought Alicent was his girl as a result of their lengthy time together.

Realizing that it unexpectedly seems OK for Alicent’s dad, Otto, to prescribe to her in the Place of the Winged serpent debut that she invest energy with Viserys. ll through the first time of Place of the Winged serpent, Alicent’s remaining inside Ruler’s Arrival’s illustrious circle will just increase and change. The series’ initial episode works effectively of laying the basis for Alicent’s general capability in the account without parting with anything.

Olivia Cooke will take over as Alicent in a mid-season time jump from Emily Carey, who is as of now assuming the part. Additionally, Milly Alcock will ultimately be supplanted by Emma D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Alicent and Otto Hightower Father-Little girl Team Ser Otto Hightower, Alicent’s dad, was perhaps of her biggest ally. In the long run, he sought after the issue excessively far and lost his situation as Hand.

Otto was respected for his celebrated information in George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood novel, having filled in as Hand of the Lord under both Jaehaerys I and Viserys I. His arrangement to wed Alicent and Viserys might have given the feeling that he was mentally haughty, however he stayed careful.

Otto’s significant other isn’t in the books, despite the fact that she is referred to in the initial two episodes of Place of the Mythical serpent. Otto is the dad of numerous kids in the books, albeit the television series has just referenced Alicent; Martin guarantees that she has been expired for some time.

After the death of his past Hand and child, Baelon Targaryen, Otto began going about as Jaehaerys’ Hand. Simultaneously, Alicent, then, at that point, 15 years of age, entered the imperial court.

Subsequent to losing his significant other Alysanne a year sooner, Ruler Jaehaerys was hopelessly, bringing about the Incomparable Committee, which filled in as the setting for the legendary progression situation that opened Season 1 of Place of the Mythical serpent.

Jaehaerys’ condition quickly disintegrated when Viserys was delegated lord, and he spent the accompanying two years disabled, leaving Otto as the accepted leader of the domain. Meanwhile, Alicent was requested that in the original watch out for the evil Jaehaerys.

Alicent Hightower Family Ancestry he Hightower genealogy has undeniably a bigger number of branches than the Targaryen genealogical record since they are not exactly as lenient toward inbreeding. In the books by George R. R. Martin, Lord Viserys I weds Alicent, and several has four kids together.

Their firstborn child, Aegon II Targaryen, rivals Rhaenyra, Alicent’s old dearest companion and Viserys I’s little girl, for the Iron Lofty position. Subsequently, the once-companions change into furious opponents, and the realm is parted between the individuals who support Rhaenyra’s case to the lofty position and the people who back Aegon II’s case. At first, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, the stepdaughter of Sovereign Alicent, and she managed everything well.

Yet, those opinions started to move when Alicent brought forth Ruler Aegon, Princess Helaena, and Sovereign Aemond one after another, while Rhaenyra kept on being Viserys’ main beneficiary. There must be one first woman of the realm, despite the cravings of the two ladies.

To entertain Princess Rhaenyra, Sovereign Daemon Targaryen ridiculed Alicent, Aegon, and Aemond, as well as different greens, after he got back to Lord’s Arrival. He supposedly treated coolly toward rulers Aegon and Aemond since they had dropped him much further down the progression stepping stool.

Hightower’s Relationship With The Targaryen Family Since the Hightower family has an involved acquaintance with the Targaryen lords tracing all the way back to their most memorable officer, Aegon the Hero, Alicent isn’t the main Hightower to have solid connections with them.

Right off the bat in the Targaryen line, the Hightowers assumed an impressively more dynamic part at the Red Keep. The Hightower family was anxious to submit to their new winged serpent riding ruler and set up a good foundation for themselves as retainers when Aegon the Hero previously joined the Seven Realms.

The Hightower family shaped the house during the Sunrise Age, and prior to Ruler Aegon I’s rule, they were sovereigns by their own doing.

Before Aegon’s triumph, the house obtained command over Highgarden through marriage. Aficionados of Round of Lofty positions will perceive this area as the Tyrell family’s hereditary home.

The Hightower family chose not to go against the mythical beast masters after Aegon vanquished Westeros; all things being equal, they swore devotion to them, and Aegon the Vanquisher named Master Manfred Hightower as the new leader of Oldtown.

Ceryse Hightower, his extraordinary granddaughter, wedded Lord Maegor I Targaryen as his most memorable spouse. The lord, now and again known as Maegor the Awful, had six spouses all through his standard however no posterity with Ceryse.

During the Targaryen period, a few Hightowers held the title of ruler of Oldtown. Hobert (Steffan Rhodri), the senior brother of Otto, Alicent’s dad, filled in as Master of Hightower under Ruler Jaehaerys I.

Alicient Hightower Genealogical record Connection With Round Of Privileged positions There is a sorry presence for House Hightower in Round of Privileged positions. In any case, the Hightowers will be among the main family in Place of the Winged serpent due to both Alicent and Otto.

Otto and Alicent really set up a good foundation for themselves as the show’s Cersei and Tywin Lannister substitutes during their short trade in the Place of the Winged serpent debut. Quite possibly of Westeros’ most powerful and notable illustrious house, House Hightower, has establishes in Oldtown and a long history.

Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) picks the knight bearing the seal to be his most memorable rival during the jousting contest in the initial episode of Place of the Mythical serpent since that sigil looks like a pinnacle with fire rising up out of it.

Alicent’s immediate Hightower bloodline is ended when she weds a Targaryen, and her kids take on the Targaryen family name. Ormund Hightower, an Alicient cousin, is as yet addressed in the Hightower genealogy. Master Leyton Hightower, the last Hightower to govern Oldtown, is a far off relative of his.

Woman Alerie Hightower, the offspring of Ruler Leyton’s significant other, weds Mace Tyrell, the person known as the Master of Highgarden in the TV series Round of Privileged positions. Both filled in as guardians to Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), who might reign momentarily in the wake of wedding Lord Joffrey in Season 4.

Lyness Hightower, the more youthful girl of Ruler Leyton, additionally is Ser Jorah Mormont’s separated from spouse. Alicient Hightower Green Dress Importance In a large portion of Place of the Mythical beast, Alicent w

Some FAQs

Was Alicent Hightower recast?

In the cast of House of the Dragon, Olivia Cooke will take on the role of previous iterations of Alicent.

Is Alicent Hightower evil?

Alicent is a violent and brutal villain due to her role as one of the conflict’s original instigators,

Does Alicent Hightower hate Rhaenyra?

In “House of the Dragon,” Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen begin as best friends, but their friendship soon turns sour.