Is CJ So Cool still alive? Netizens extend support as YouTuber gets shot multiple times in Las Vegas home invasion

Well known YouTuber CJ So Cool was as of late shot on different occasions during a home intrusion. At the hour of the intrusion, Cordero James Brady Otherwise known as CJ So Cool was snoozing inside the house alongside his loved ones. He shared the insight about having chance through an Instagram story, where he said:

“In the clinic, I had chance multiple times in a home intrusion at 3 AM. If it’s not too much trouble, keep me and my children in your requests up until this point I’m doing alright.”
Besides, he likewise shared an image of his injured leg.

In the interim, CJ So Cool’s better half, Alexis, likewise shared a report on the YouTuber, showing him laying on a clinic bed. She noticed that Cordero is doing fine through the Instagram story. She likewise said thanks to individuals who have helped and upheld them through this.

Consequently, CJ So Cool is alive and recuperating right now. In any case, it is hazy with respect to where he had chance, other than his leg as he guaranteed that he has been shot multiple times. It is likewise hazy right now on the off chance that the family has additionally been harmed in a fierce home attack.

After CJ So Cool’s devotees found out about the savage home intrusion and the YouTuber having chance on various occasions, individuals shared their requests and wished him a fast recuperation via virtual entertainment.

Moreover, the YouTuber likewise shared a video of himself from the clinic where he can heard say:

He additionally further explained how none of it was phony or arranged. He said:

The virtual entertainment star and YouTuber brags a devotee count 5.2 million on Instagram and 8.8 million on YouTube, where he posts about his life. On the stage, he has numerous recordings with his sweetheart, children, and companions. Every one of his recordings gets a great many perspectives as individuals are charmed to see and understand what’s going on in CJ’s life.

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