Is Sheri Nicole Pregnant In 2022? Addison Rae’s Mom Is ‘Involved’ With Rapper Yung Gravy

Sheri Nicole isn’t pregnant with another youngster. Nonetheless, she has all the earmarks of being in another relationship with the rapper, Yung Gravy.

After close to 12 months of division, from her alienated spouse, Monty Lopez, Yung Gravy and Addison Rae’s Mom make her couple debut at the 2022 VMAs.

Sauce began playing with Easterling in a Jeff FM digital recording episode and numerous TikTok recordings. The impossible pair actually takes part for entertainment only virtual entertainment exchange today.

Their coy web-based trades prodded Lopez to distribute an odd video wherein the 46-year-old gave a boxing session challenge to Gravy.


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Is Sheri Nicole Pregnant In 2022? No, Sheri Nicole isn’t pregnant in 2022. She is the single parent to her three children, Enzo Lopez, Lucas Lopez, and Addison Ray.

Her three children are with her significant other, Monty Lopez. Be that as it may, she isn’t along with him however lawfully wedded after the fresh insight about his issue was delivered on the web.

Sheri’s oldest girl is in the news as of late, after she unfollowed her mom via online entertainment. Soon after cutting off relations with her dad Lopez on Instagram, Addison Rae currently seems to have unfollowed her mom Sheri Easterling also.

After insight about her dad’s supposed contact with powerhouse Renée Ash, 25, surfaced, the choice was made a couple of months after the fact.

Tik Tok Room TM Instagram account made the declaration about the unfollowing and Easterling said something about it. Easterling said with a down and out emoji, “Terrible.”

Easterling is the latest individual from the family that Addison, 21, has squeezed the “unfollow” button on as of late.

A couple of times before the gossip of Monty’s supposed undertaking become public, fans saw Rae and her mom had unfollowed Monty on Instagram.

Lopez and Easterling keep on following their girl via virtual entertainment.

The latest advancement follows Addison’s confirmation that she has been finding it hard to post and go out and do exercises because of reports about her father’s extramarital issues.

Renee Ash, 25, asserted recently that Monty Lopez, 46, had an illegal relationship with her for a long time while he was as yet hitched to Addison’s mom Sheri.


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Despite the fact that Addison hasn’t formally tended to the occurrence, she alluded to it in a tweet she distributed the month before.

Is Sheri Nicole Dating Yung Gravy? Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy went to the MTV Video Music Awards together, which could affirm the hypothesis that the two are dating.

Two or three has an age contrast of 16 years with, Nicole being 42 and Gravy being 26. The pair were seen together after the rapper got into a public contention with the lady’s previous spouse, Monty Lopez.

With respect to surprising undertaking, the “Betty” rapper told Page Six, “I hit on her at first, I was aware of her, and I felt she was great.”

The rapper guaranteed that they at first associated by means of “the web” and “Facetime” prior to meeting face to face.

He expressed, “I’m into MILFs and she’s somewhat the sovereign of MILFs, so it felt truly adorable and healthy. She resembles a Southern beauty and I’m a Northern kid.”

Prior to Easterling moved in to kiss the rapper on the cheek, the new couple walked the rug in synchronized outfits.

Later at night, the couple moved forward the intensity by having a personal second while as yet modeling for photographs.

While Gravy, genuine name Matthew Hauri, picked a dark suit with a scattered light purple shirt, the Tik Tok star wore a bound up lavender minuscule dress and metallic purple heels.

At the point when Gravy uncovered last month that he planned to take Easterling out on the town after her turbulent separation with Lopez, the couple drove the web into a furor.


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In July, Page Six broke the restrictive story that Lopez, 46, had a five-month relationship with powerhouse Renée Ash, 25.

At the point when they were all the while dating, Lopez deluded Ash into feeling that his relationship with Easterling was “done,” as per Ash.

Debris told Page Six, “He guaranteed me we would have been together and have babies together.”

Following the disclosure of his issue, the two split up, and Gravy jumping all over the opportunity to enter the newly bereaved mother’s “DMs.”

Following quite a while of web based being a tease among Easterling and Gravy, Lopez acquired breeze of their developing undertaking.

Addison Rae’s Mom, Sheri Nicole Is Now Dating Yung Gravy Addison Rae’s Mom, Sheri Nicole has continued on in her life. Easterling and her ex Monty Lopez had been separated for about a year, a source told PEOPLE in July.

At the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Easterling and the rapper of “Betty” examined how their kinship created in a pre-show interview.

“We associated on the web. Definitely. We hit it off immediately. She is from the farthest south, and I am from the farthest north “Yung Gravy, 26, talked subsequent to Easterling’s pre-show execution.

“She’s sort of the sovereign of MILFs, and I’m into MILFs, so I expected it was only a magnificent fit,” he proceeded.


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She and the rapper were initially associated before this month when he showed up on the BFFs web recording and communicated interest in setting her up.

Just a single month had passed since a relative of Easterling’s uncovered to PEOPLE that she and Lopez had been living separated for quite a while before the web recording appeared.

The insider only uncovered to PEOPLE that “they’ve been separated for a year.” Sheri has been living in Louisiana with the young men.

At the point when Addison was as yet a youngster, Easterling and Lopez separated. In 2017, they remarried.


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