Is Valentín Elizalde Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships. Kids.

Valentín Elizalde Valencia, referred to expertly as Valentín Elizalde, was a Mexican vocalist who generally sang Local Mexican music. He was born on the first February 1979 in Jitonhueca, Sonora, Mexico.

He is known as The Brilliant Chicken or El Gallo de Oro and had hit melodies like Vencedor, Vuelve Cariñito, and Vete Con Él, among numerous others. Get more familiar with Mexican vocalist Valentín Elizalde’s current relationship and his past marriage. Likewise, find insights concerning his dating history and children!

Is Valentín Elizalde Hitched to Spouse? Or on the other hand Dating Sweetheart? The Local Mexican vocalist is neither hitched to a spouse nor dating a sweetheart as he has been gone from the world starting around 2006. On the 25th day of November 2006, he was killed by gunfire after one of his shows in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, at the age of 27. In any case, it was accounted for that he was dating Nathaly Fernandez before his awful demise and, surprisingly, wanted to propose to her however it didn’t happen because of the said situation. Likewise, he recently dated a few ladies and, surprisingly, wedded one of them.

Valentín Elizalde was hitched to Gabriela Sabag from 1999 to 2003 The main marriage he had was with his ex, Gabriela Sabag. It has not been uncovered how she and Valentín began their relationsip, yet they became spouse and husband when he was only nineteen. Notwithstanding, they were hitched on the seventh day of January 1999, when she became Valentín Elizalde’s better half. The then-hitched couple was honored with a kid inside their association. Following three years of marriage, they formally finished their marriage following a couple of years, and their separation was concluded in 2003 because of implicit reasons. His relationship with Gabriela was thought to be involved in some way in his demise. Fausto “Tano” Elizalde, his cousin, is involved with Valentín’s ex, which is another thing that has carried this point to the consideration of the overall population. As indicated by a 2020 Ventaneando interview by Marysol Castro, Tano’s ex-life partner, she accepted that he could have had something to do with the homicide of his cousin.

Furthermore, Valentina Elizalde, the other offspring of the artist, expressed that her uncle Fausto was connected with the wrongdoing. Tano later shared that he will be married to his cousin’s past accomplice during a meeting with the Sun rises.

Nonetheless, the talk has not been affirmed nor denied further. Besides, it is likewise accepted that it was because of an experience with the medication cartel, Los Zetas, due to the verses in the corrido “A Mis Enemigos,” which are accepted to threaten the posse.

Valentín Elizalde’s Dating History Blanca Durán She and the Mexican vocalist dated in 1993 and had an on-and-off relationship until 2003. They had a kid together.

Azucena Rincón Following her division from Gabriela, she dated him from 2000 to 2004, according to sources. Like Blanca, he additionally has a youngster with Azucena. Nathaly Fernandez Before his inconvenient demise at the age of 27, his resulting and last relationship was with Nataly. They were seeing someone a sum of two years. It is said that he planned to give her a wedding band around the New Year of 2007 yet was stood up to with the death of the Mexican artist.

Valentín Elizalde’s children He had three children, all little girls, and with three distinct ladies he had connections. Since he died, various ladies have approached and guaranteed that they were his accomplice, and a portion of these ladies have even approached while embracing his supposed newborn children.

Gabriela Elizalde She is his firstborn kid with his ex, Gabriela. Her precise birth date, in any case, has not been shared; seeing as he was hitched to his past life partner in 1999, it is unavoidable that she was born around the same time or the next years later.

Valeria Elizalde She is his subsequent youngster however like her more seasoned sister, her age and birthday are undivulged. Valeria’s mom is Blanca Durán.

Valentina Elizalde She is the artist’s most youthful girl with Azucena Rincón. Her introduction to the world and age subtleties are not openly shared. Like her dad, his most youthful youngster is a melodic craftsman who has music delivered on various stages like Spotify, Deezer, and her YouTuber channel, Valentina Elizalde.