‘I’ve destroyed household properties and equipments at different times’ – Chacha Eke opens up on her struggles with mental illness

Beset Nollywood entertainer, Chacha Squeeze Fanni has drilled down into her battles with her psychological wellness.

The mother of four says she perceives herself in the kid who obliterated his mom’s home.

Chacha Squeeze Faani while responding to the viral video of the harm a kid did to his mom’s home angrily, made a few stunning disclosures.

The underlying reports asserted the kid is 12 and he obliterated properties in his mom’s home since his telephone was seized.

The kid’s mom later talked up to eliminate any confusion. She said her child is 15 and has an emotional wellness emergency.

Responding to the video, entertainer Chacha said she “perceives” herself in the kid since she has done likewise the kid did.

She added that she has obliterated properties and harmed numerous things while she’s having a psychological well-being emergency.


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Chacha Squeeze Faani’s psychological wellness issues were raised two or quite a while back when she uncovered she was leaving her marriage and indicated being mishandled by her significant other.

She later denied being manhandled by Austin Faani and said she has a dysfunctional behavior called bipolar confusion and it deteriorates when she’s pregnant.

This year, she reported again that she was passing on her significant other to save her life.

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