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Justin James Watt is the full name of one of the most well-known American football defensive ends, J. J. Watt. He was born on March 22, 1989, and played for the National Football League’s Houston Texans (NFL). He played college football at Wisconsin before being taken in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft by the Houston Texans.

In terms of awards and accomplishments, he has won the AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award three times. In 2017, Sports named him Sportsperson of the Year. If you’re a big admirer of J. J. Watt, check out his top 50 quotes below.

  1. “What I remember most about high school are the memories I created with my friends.”― J. J. Watt

  2. “A reputation takes years and years and years to build, and it takes one press of a button to ruin it. Don’t let that happen to you. You’ve done so much work; you’ve put in so much effort. Don’t let one moment ruin your entire life because you wanted to be funny or you were mad or because you had a mood.”― J. J. Watt

  3. “If you want to be remembered as great, if you want to be a legend, you have to go out there every single day and do stuff.”― J. J. Watt

  4. “My whole life, I’ve been trying to make people proud.”― J. J. Watt

  5. “I obviously would love to have a girlfriend, but a girlfriend deserves so much of your time and energy. And she deserves to be treated like a princess because that’s how you should treat your girls. And if I can’t give them that time and that devotion because of my dedication to football, then I don’t feel like I should almost waste their time.”― J. J. Watt

  6. “Since my sophomore year in high school, I knew I didn’t want to do anything but be a professional athlete. I knew when I got to college there was no way anybody was going to stop me from being an NFL player.”― J. J. Watt

  7. “If you don’t have that vision for the end goal, you have no clue where you’re going, and you’re going to work very hard to go nowhere.”― J. J. Watt

  8. “I will always do what I can to help others, but when I retire, I want to be a dad and a husband. I want a house and a dog in the yard. I want to have barbecues.”― J. J. Watt

  9. “If you’re going to nap, make sure you have a proper chunk of time blocked out. I’m not one of these guys that does the 15-20 minute nap. I don’t play those games. I’m, like, an hour minimum. I’m not gonna lay down unless I know I have at least an hour.”― J. J. Watt

  10. “There’s no greater feeling in the world than when you can put a smile on somebody’s face just by walking into a room. It’s unbelievable. And if I have that power, who am I to waste it, you know?”― J. J. Watt

  11. “I never want to let a day go by without having done something to get a little better.”― J. J. Watt

  12. “I want to go out and chase greatness. That’s all I want to do.”― J. J. Watt


  14. “In the off-season, I train twice a day, five times a week with my trainer. Then, there’s always massages and neuromuscular therapy worked in there as well on different days.”― J. J. Watt

  15. “Houston is kind of a melting pot. There are many different cultures and ethnicities represented out there, even on my team. It’s really cool: you’ll see so many different things.”― J. J. Watt

  16. “My family is a middle-class family. When I grew up and learned how much it actually cost for us to play hockey, I could not believe that my parents let us play as long as they did.”― J. J. Watt

  17. “I’ll fight a bear, but I don’t like spiders. I’m not a fan of those.”― J. J. Watt

  18. “You have to find the right situation, and you have to be in that right mindset where you can give everything you have to that. Because whatever I do, I want to be the best at. I want to be the best husband. I want to be the best father.”― J. J. Watt

  19. “I want to coach high school football, and that’s always what I’ve wanted to do.”― J. J. Watt

  20. “I’m not strict on my calorie count; I just pay attention to my body.”― J. J. Watt

  21. “There are games where I go a whole game without saying a word. There are games where I’m talking the whole game. It really depends on the mood and vibe that I’m in that day.”― J. J. Watt

  22. “I respect every guy that has walked away. I think every single guy in this league makes his own decision, and that’s perfectly fine. The reason I respect that and the reason I think every guy has his own way of dealing with things is because, in my personal opinion, I know what I’m getting into.”― J. J. Watt

  23. “I actually have no style whatsoever. I’m the worst. I have people I talk to, and I say, ‘Please tell me how to dress because I don’t know what I’m doing.’ The biggest thing for me is my mom. I’m like, ‘Mom, do I look good?’ If she says yes, I’m good to go.”― J. J. Watt

  24. “When it comes down to that moment when it’s me against you, you know in your head whether you worked hard enough. You can try to lie to yourself. You can try to tell yourself that you put in the time. But you know – and so do I.”― J. J. Watt

  25. “It’s hard to understand the life that I live and rationalize some of the things that I do. I don’t need someone questioning every move that I make, asking me why I don’t just relax. When there’s no one asking me those types of questions… to me, it’s peaceful.”― J. J. Watt

  26. “The way I look at it is that somebody in the world, no matter what your field is – teacher, violinist, football player – has to be the best. Why not me?”― J. J. Watt

  27. “A sack is way better than any nightclub. A touchdown is way better than any bar experience I’ve ever had.”― J. J. Watt

  28. “No doubt about it. For every player. Thursday nights are very tough for us because it is a short turnaround.”― J. J. Watt

  29. “It’s a very violent game, and bodies take a beating, so you want to make sure you do everything you can to get your body back. It’s just something you have to do.”― J. J. Watt


  31. “My dad’s a firefighter, so I know what it’s like for policemen and firefighters to be on their own on Christmas Day.”― J. J. Watt

  32. “My mom taught me from a young age to give back and volunteer any chance you get. It was something that I knew, if I made the NFL, I would financially have the ability to do.”― J. J. Watt

  33. “I’m a kid who grew up working hard.”― J. J. Watt

  34. “Teams are always hitting me in the gut, trying to grab me when I jump and stuff like that. But I expect it.”― J. J. Watt

  35. “You don’t know who wants you for you, who wants you for the money, who wants you for the fame. You have no idea. And how would you know? There’s no way.”― J. J. Watt

  36. “If you’re thinking like that – ‘Does this person want me for me?’ – then you’re gonna have a hell of a hard time falling in love, ’cause you’re constantly thinking about what they look like on paper.”― J. J. Watt

  37. “It may not matter to anybody now, but when you go out there and perform on the field, that’s what matters.”― J. J. Watt

  38. “I think there are definitely some people that would say I’m crazy.”― J. J. Watt

  39. “I feel like, growing up, I watched football, obviously, and you see great players, and as a fan, you want to watch the best you can possibly watch, and you want to see what’s capable of being made.”― J. J. Watt

  40. “It sounds weird when you complain about having to eat so much, but it’s like a job.”― J. J. Watt

  41. “I eat two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners throughout the day. It’s always eating.”― J. J. Watt

  42. “Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and about myself, so it’s a lot more based on feel. I stopped putting a number on it because people were analyzing it too much.”― J. J. Watt

  43. “I’m sure I frustrate the trainers – in fact, I know I frustrate the trainers to no end. But I think there’s a very fine line. I listen to their advice. I take their medical expertise very seriously. But then I also, the reason I am where I am, the reason I play the way I play, is because I push beyond normal.”― J. J. Watt

  44. “I have no idea when it’s going to be, when I’ll retire.”― J. J. Watt

  45. “I’m going to continue to work to be the best player in the world, and whenever that doesn’t sound fun to me anymore, that’s when it’s over.”― J. J. Watt

  46. “I know that I’m going out there, and I know that I am going to get hit in the head. I know that’s part of football. That’s like a firefighter knowing he is going to go into a fire at some point. You know you are going to be put in danger’s way, and you accept that risk, and you do it.”― J. J. Watt

  47. “You can find just about everything on my iPod from Eminem to Zac Brown to Justin Timberlake to One Direction. Everything is on there.”― J. J. Watt

  48. “I’m honestly all over the board. I think if I had to pick one, I’d probably say it’s country first, but I listen to literally everything: country, pop, rock, rap.”― J. J. Watt

  49. “I have three Defensive Players of the Year. Only one other player has done that. But being a defensive lineman, it’s hard to control the game.”― J. J. Watt