J.K. Rowling Claims She Declined An Invitation To Join The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Following Speculation Around Her Controversial Transphobic Views

As of late, “Harry Potter” fans assessed that the book author of the loved film foundation, J.K. Rowling, was reprimanded from the 20-year gathering remarkable, “Return To Hogwarts”, which appeared on January 1.

By then, fans thought Rowling, 57, was provoked not to go to on account of her questionable points of view on transgender people simultaneously, as of now, the maker is disposing of any disarray, communicating that she basically declined the hello.

“I was drawn nearer to be on that and I finished up I would have rather not been a piece of it,” Rowling told Graham Norton on Saturday during a gathering on Virgin Radio. “It was about the films not the books, as expected. That was what was the deal with the celebration.”

“So no one said don’t [do it]… I was drawn nearer to get it going and I decided not to,” she added.

Rowling stood apart as genuinely newsworthy directly following revealing that she got an end risk amidst the savage attack on maker Salman Rushdie.

On August 12, the day of the attack, Rowling tweeted, “Shocking news. Feeling very weakened right now. Permit him to be okay.” She then, found a frightening solution from an Islamic extremist who obviously subverted her by communicating, “you are immediately.”

Exactly when gotten some data about how she felt electronic savaging could be de-uplifted, Rowling said, “I figure on one level I don’t realize I can [de-raise it]. I don’t have a clue about any individual can.”

“I endeavor to act online as I would like others to act. I couldn’t anytime desire to… I’ve never compromised anyone.”

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