Jake Anderson and Sig Hansen From ‘Deadliest Catch’ Are Super Close, but Are They Related?

The principal believed that by and large rings a bell while considering Deadliest Catch is obviously the peril encompassing the extreme universe of Alaskan Crab fishing. Unfortunately since the series started in 2005, the show has managed wounds and passings both on and off the boats. The dangerous piece of Deadliest Catch doesn’t end when you step foot back on dry land.

Then again, covered between the show and the high stakes are accounts of team individuals really focusing on one another. One relationship specifically has truly stood apart for aficionados of the show. Commanders Jake Anderson and Sig Hansen have all the earmarks of being exceptionally close on the series. A few fans suspect they could be family, as a matter of fact.

The two are presently showing up in the side project Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns, and fans need to be aware: Is Jake Anderson connected with Sig Hansen? We should make a plunge!
Is Jake Anderson connected with Sig Hansen? While Jake and Sig are not related by blood, the two certainly think about one another as family. As indicated by the F/V Adventure’s site, Jake is a fifth era angler, and that implies life on the untamed oceans is nearly heated into his DNA.

Maybe that is what Jake and Sig at first reinforced over when Jake joined Deadliest Catch in May 2007 as a newbie for Commander Sig on board the F/V Northwestern. Sig’s family hails from Norway, where his dad and his dad before him were additionally looking for crabs.

Past generational information on fishing uniting Jake and Sig, they additionally fortified over troublesome times. While working under Sig, Jake needed to persevere through the deficiency of the two his sister and father. In 2009, Jake’s sister died of pneumonia subsequent to living with cutting edge rheumatoid joint pain the greater part of her life. After a year, his dad vanished. His body would be tracked down about a mile from his truck, the survivor of a supposed homicide.

At the point when Jake needed to get back toward the Northwestern, Sig invited him back. In a May 2013 episode of Deadliest Catch, we discovered that Jake was extended to an employment opportunity on one more boat and would leave the Northwestern following six years. Notwithstanding being totally frightened, Jake realized the time had come to go. “I love you like a father. It f- – – ing breaks my godd- – n heart to leave,” he told Sig in a mental episode. “Good, you have to do what you must do, man,” said Sig.

Tragically this new pursuit didn’t turn out for Jake, which prompted him asking Sig for his work back. In an April 2014 meeting with Hurray television, Jake discussed what it resembled returning to where everything started. “It was really lowering to request my work back,” he told the power source. It wasn’t Sig or Edgar Hansen whom Jake was worried about; it was fanatics of the show. He would have rather not disheartened them, and frankly he was humiliated. Fortunately for him, Sig and Edgar made it simple to return home by inviting him back with “open arms.”

Deadliest Catch airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST — with The Viking Returns following at 9 p.m. EST — on Disclosure.