Jenna Bush Hager Describes George and Laura’s Parenting Style — and the Lie That Got Her and Barbara Grounded

Jenna Shrubbery Hager is thinking back on her young life affectionately.

During Tuesday’s episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna, the 40-year-old imparted to co-have Hoda Kotb a brief look at what it was like growing up with George and Laura Shrub as guardians.

“We had curfews,” she said, yet “they weren’t so severe.” Except if, that is to say, she got found out in obviously false.

“There was a party senior year of secondary school, and I went to it [saying] I was ‘going through the night at Ferrell Fields’ home,’ and out of nowhere my folks appear,” Bramble Hager reviewed, as the audience panted. “They removed me and Barbara from that party. They weren’t severe however in the event that they said ‘no’ and we went despite their good faith… ”

Furthermore, there were ramifications to the twins attempting to sneak past their folks. “I sat and did puzzles with my folks while the wide range of various individuals [went out],” Shrubbery Hager said. “They’re like, ‘Would you like some hot cocoa?’ Like, ‘Not actually.’ I mean, we were grounded. Keep in mind, grounded was a thing. Grounded was a thing.”

However the mother of three rushed to bring up that her own mother had a very unpretentious cool element, regardless of whether the outcomes were “flinch.”

“She was awesome,” Shrubbery Hager said of her mom, Laura. “She was the most quiet human that it was nearly, we were unable to grasp it.

We were unable to shake her. Be that as it may, she was our consistent stone of a mother.” Hedge Hager proceeded to recount visiting spring preparing in Florida with the Texas Officers when she was around 13 — George W. was a proprietor of the group during the 1990s — and how Laura attempted to be “somewhat cool.”

“She’d be like, ‘Young ladies! Presently look, there’s some charming young men. See, Barbara, Jenna, they’re adorable.’ Like we should go up and be like, ‘Howdy! Need to hang?’”

Nowadays, the television character is almost certain spending time with Margaret “Mila” Laura, 9, Poppy Louise, 6, and Henry “Hal” Harold, 3, whom she imparts to spouse Henry Hager.

In September, Shrubbery Hager recounted to a story on the show about how Mila responded when she had quite recently gotten back from Scotland, where she had at first gone for a meeting of now-Ruler Charles III’s significant other Camilla, booked for the day of Sovereign Elizabeth’s passing at 96. Hedge Hager stretched out her excursion to cover the memorable second.

After getting back, Shrub Hager embraced her most seasoned youngster.

“Also, she did, she held me so close however quickly she sort of thought back, then, at that point, took a gander at me and said, ‘You’re not kidding.’”

“I’m like, ‘I’m correct about what?’” to which Mila gruffly answered, “You improve in cosmetics.”

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