Johnny Depp Is Dating His Former UK Lawyer Joelle Rich

Johnny Depp has one more past love interest in his life and she’s a legitimate guide. However, it isn’t really that lawful counsel.

ET has certified the Privateers of the Caribbean star is dating Joelle Rich, the U.K. legitimate guide who tended to him in his analysis guarantee against The Sun’s distributer, News Get-together Papers, after the power source circulated an article in April 2018 implying Depp as a “companion blender.” Depp lost that case in November 2020 after the adjudicator for the circumstance concluded The Sun showed that what it dispersed in the article was “fundamentally clear.”

Scarcely four months sometime later, the U.K. court would deny the performer’s sales to seek after the choice. By then, Rich of Schillings Accessories told Deadline she “truly tended to” the U.K. court’s decision and that the performer was expecting “presenting the aggregate, undeniable confirmation of reality in the U.S. analysis assortment of proof against Ms. Heard where she ought to give total story.”

While she was not piece of Depp’s legitimate gathering that assembled for the six-week long case in Fairfax District, Virginia, that achieved Depp’s general victory in court, Rich appeared, probably in a showing of help. She was shot something like twice in May, when outside the municipal center near Depp, who was showing her something on his phone, and again inside the court when she was seen embracing one of Depp’s attorneys, Camille Vasquez.

There are conflicting reports on whether the association among Depp and Rich is serious. In any case, the new feeling, as first nitty gritty by Us step by step, finally deals with unequivocally the opinion pieces of noise that spun around Depp and Vasquez two or three months earlier.

The pieces of prattle started in May after Vasquez vigorously watched Depp and grilled Heard on the witness stand. Vasquez, who was moreover behind the countless fights while Heard was under direct evaluation, promptly procured a religion like limping along her doubting. One fan even tweeted, “Does the municipal center have a coroner on the spot? Since they will require one when our sovereign Camille Vasquez is done with Brilliant Heard and her calling praise will be the sovereign.”

Another Depp fan posted a video on TikTok showing Depp seeing at Vasquez and smiling as she talked, with “how he really looks at her” text appearing on the video out.

Another defense behind creating speculation that the strong legal counselor was dating the grieved 59-year-old performer? When Heard was pardoned from the witness stand at one point, court video showed Vasquez giving her accomplice a short hug before she moved a seat distant to embrace Depp – – embracing him twice, tapping his chest twice and holding his hand. Depp, wearing a gigantic grin, scoured her back and kept his eyes on her as she left.

Johnny Depp’s Lawful counsel Camille Vasquez Becomes Primer Breakout Star Paparazzi similarly got Vasquez leaving the municipal center when a visual craftsman asked concerning whether she was dating Depp. Vasquez didn’t give a reaction, and things being what they are smiled and chuckled.

As the pieces of tattle uplifted, a source let ET in on that the stories were “totally, 100 percent, unequivocally misleading.” The following month, Vasquez let People in on that the reports were debilitating and bullhead.

“It’s unsettling that particular outlets kind of pulled out all the stops or said that my participations with Johnny – – who is a buddy and I’ve known and tended to for four-and-a-half years now – – that my coordinated efforts in any way were uncalled-for or crude. That is baffling to hear,” she said.

“It’s bullhead,” she added. “It’s shocking and it’s dispiriting, but it kind of goes with the gig. I can’t say I was all that astonished.”