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Johnny Miller, an American former professional golfer, was born on April 29, 1947, and was one of the world’s most talented golfers during the mid-1970s. He was the first player in a major competition to shoot 63 and win the US Open in 1973. Following that, he was placed second in the world on Mark McCormack’s world golf rankings in 1974 and 1975.

He has won 25 PGA Tour events, two of which were majors. In 1998, he was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame and served as the primary golf analyst for NBC Sports. There are numerous facts about this great golfer that everyone should be aware of, but the following Johnny Miller quotations are particularly noteworthy.

  1. “Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good.”― Johnny Miller

  2. “I always felt that I would rather be out fishing or home with my family than at some cocktail party with a group of VIPs.”― Johnny Miller

  3. “I don’t want to brag, but I do more homework on the course than any other announcer. I chart the greens to get all the breaks. I walk down into the greenside bunkers. I walk into the fairway bunkers to see whether a player can reach the green from them.”― Johnny Miller

  4. “Only one golfer in a thousand grips the club lightly enough.”― Johnny Miller

  5. “In golf, ‘close’ is like the north and south rim of the Grand Canyon.”― Johnny Miller


  7. “If I had been in the gallery, I’d have gone home.”― Johnny Miller

  8. “Nobody ever heard Jack Nicklaus say ‘I don’t know’ about anything.”― Johnny Miller

  9. “Match play really exposes your character and how much of a will to win you have in your heart.”― Johnny Miller

  10. “Look, I’m not trying to be critical when I’m on the air.”― Johnny Miller

  11. “The mental aspect of golf is what makes golf such a great sport.”― Johnny Miller


  13. “Most announcers play pattycake, pattycake with the players they’re covering.”― Johnny Miller

  14. “If you don’t like my announcing, you don’t like me.”― Johnny Miller

  15. “There are plenty of guys who played great golf, had great careers and only won a few majors.”― Johnny Miller

  16. “All my friends were retiring, and it got to the point where I was like, ‘Hey, how come I’m not retiring?’”― Johnny Miller

  17. “It’s been a great run. I’ve done everything I can do announcing wise.”― Johnny Miller

  18. “I’ve had two lives. The golfing part… the younger generation sort of heard about me but maybe didn’t realize I wasn’t too bad at times. Then the announcing part.”― Johnny Miller

  19. “My dad always groomed me to win the U.S. Open.”― Johnny Miller

  20. “Everybody has some part of their game that is easily influenced to choke.”― Johnny Miller

  21. “I usually listen to my gut, so to speak, and my wife.”― Johnny Miller

  22. “I try to really say what I think is happening, and I’m pretty forthright. I obviously hold back some things. But pretty much, what I see and feel, I say on the air.”― Johnny Miller

  23. “I’ve always felt how players handle the pressure was the most interesting part of golf.”― Johnny Miller

  24. “NBC sort of let me do my thing. They never told me what to say and what not to say. It was pretty weird.”― Johnny Miller


  26. “When I was at my peak, I would go into streaks where I felt like it was almost magic, that I could knock down the pin from anywhere with my irons.”― Johnny Miller

  27. “I remember, when I won at Tucson by nine shots in 1975, I would say the average iron shot I hit that week was no more than two feet off line. It was unbelievable.”― Johnny Miller

  28. “I never really wanted to be No. 1 and a big shot, have people playing up to me all the time. I wasn’t comfortable with any of it.”― Johnny Miller

  29. “Guys who chum it up are just OK. Guys who are great players are loners.”― Johnny Miller

  30. “You can be a guy who won 18 majors, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a great Ryder Cupper. That’s the rarest golf there is.”― Johnny Miller

  31. “The hardest weeks for me are when I get to a course that I’ve never been to before or one that has been through a redesign.”― Johnny Miller

  32. “I do like to point out the trick putts, the ones that look like they go one way but actually go another. I think the audience likes to know when a putt looks like it’s two inches outside left, but it’s actually two inches outside right.”― Johnny Miller

  33. “People need to know that when I was interviewed when I played, I would really pat myself on the back when I did well and tell you how good I was playing, but I’d also tell you when I choked or I was playing terrible. I told it like it was.”― Johnny Miller

  34. “Golf is the greatest sport of all to see if you can handle pressure.”― Johnny Miller

  35. “I grew up in an era where the perfect drive was a line drive, with quite a bit more spin.”― Johnny Mille