Jon Paul Dowler GoFundMe: Friend launches fundraiser as Michigan man dies saving daughters from sinking car

A terrible auto collision in Ottawa District in the early long periods of Sunday morning prompted the passing of Jon Paul Dowler, 52, who was going with his young little girls.

Specialists, in any case, trust that the dad, without a second to spare, had opened the vehicle’s trapdoor, which permitted his girls to swim to somewhere safe and secure.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the brave dad who died saving his small kids. The pledge drive, coordinated by a family companion, expects to improve what is happening of Jon Paul Dowler’s better half, Jennifer.

The pledge drive depicted Dowler as the “main man” in the existences of his significant other and their two little girls.

“In addition to the fact that they lost the main man in their life yet additionally the main vehicle the family had. Jenny and the young ladies will require, not simply cherishing support from her companions, family, and local area yet additionally monetary assistance traversing the change of such an unexpected unfortunate misfortune.” The coordinator further added that she wished to assist the lamenting family with their nearby monetary weights.

“I want to help her raise assets to help the prompt monetary weights, so she can concentrate her significant investment helping herself and the young ladies through the most unpleasant a great time. I’m simply seeking divine intervention that we can all meet up and assist with making such a shocking time, not so difficult for this superb cherishing family to survive.”

The GoFundMe page for Jon Paul Dowler’s family has raised more than $6,500 as of Wednesday.

From the beginning Sunday morning, Jon Paul Dowler drove his vehicle into a Michigan lake, yet purportedly saved his kids by biting the dust the vehicle’s seal, which made a getaway course for them. The occurrence occurred in Ottawa Region, around a 40-mile drive southeast of Otsego, where the family hailed from.

While a police examination is in progress, Ottawa District sheriff’s Lt. Eric Westveer is of the assessment that the dad of-two got lost while returning and drove down a street end on Jenison Road simply past Lakeway Drive in south Park Municipality, at last crashing straight into Lake Macatawa.

With respect to awful mishap, Westveer said: His little girls, ages 8 and 10, supposedly swam to somewhere safe and secure at around 2 am and gone through the night clustered together on the patio of a lake house. As indicated by the police, they thumped on the front entryway of a home around 200 yards from the shore for help around 9 am.

“We’re actually attempting to converse with the young ladies. It seems like they were lost and bewildered. They were attempting to persuade home…it gives off an impression of being an unadulterated mishap.”
Lorelei Denton, a long-term family companion, told MLive:

“I simply realize they were going home. I don’t have any idea what happened other than them getting lost. Jon adored his young ladies and he truly do never really hurt them.”
Policing expressed that in the current circumstance, it stays hazy where they were going or where they were coming from before the awful mishap prompted the demise of Jon Paul Dowler, as the little kids are as yet damaged.