José Andrés and His Stunning Daughters Explore Spain in New Discovery+ Series — Get a First Look

José Andrés is returning his children to his foundations.

José Andrés and Family in Spain, dropping Dec. 27 on discovery+, follows the compassionate and gourmet expert as he and his little girls — Carlota, 23, Inés, 21, and Lucia, 18 — investigate and eat their direction through his nation of origin. Individuals solely uncovers the trailer for the impending docu-series above, which puts Andrés’ magnetism on full showcase.

“Spain is the land where I was born, and where my energy for cooking started,” says the World Focal Kitchen organizer in the launch of the trailer

. “Spain lives somewhere down in my spirit, and its food has made me who I’m, a culinary expert who loves to take care of the world.”

All through his portrayal, the camera skillet to well known Spanish landmarks, Andrés energetically holding up shellfish and his little girls driving with him through the winding scene.

In the series, he expects the job he knows so well — culinary expert — as he plates dishes for his little girls and energetically cooks dishes that have molded his biography.

The Maryland-based cook subtleties this round trip second: “I moved to America thirty years prior, and I raised my family here,” he says.

“Also, presently, I’m taking my girls, Carlota, Inés and Lucia, overall around my cherished home country.”

“I believe that they should see everything, learn everything and taste everything,” he adds of the threesome, who are seen cooking in the video.

“From the most straightforward, notorious food sources — tapas, gazpacho, paella — to the more refined and one of a kind food sources of my country.”

On José Andrés and Family in Spain, they investigate urban areas like Barcelona and Madrid, alongside where Andrés’ profession started at El Bulli — the notable previous café in Roses. At each stop, they meet with neighborhood specialists and the cook’s girls find out about their dad’s very own set of experiences, alongside that of Spain in general.

Carlota, Inés and Lucia obviously partake in the vivid experience: “This is the most astonishing dinner,” Carlota says in the trailer.

The family accomplishes more than eat obviously — the trailer features a few tomfoolery experiences, including them parasailing over the water — yet food is at the center.

“To truly get to know Spain,” says Andrés, “you need to figure out its food.” José Andrés and Family in Spain debuts Dec. 27 on discovery+

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