Josh Flagg Lists Home with Ex Bobby Boyd After Revealing New Boyfriend in First ‘MDLLA’ Trailer

Josh Flagg is continuing on. In the secret for season 14 of Bravo’s Million Dollar Posting Los Angeles, Flagg uncovers he’s selling the home he once imparted to his now ex Bobby Boyd.

He additionally shares subtleties on his new relationship in the review.

The clasp above begins with Josh Altman asking his individual castmate, Flagg, “What’s straightaway?” Flagg, 37, uncovers, “I’m seeing someone.”

At the point when Altman asks how his new old flame makes ends meet, Flagg shares that he’s likewise a realtor, inciting Altman to offer him counsel.

“Simply take time, there’s no rush,” he says, to which Flagg consoles him, “I’m not getting hitched today.”

Fans will likewise see Flagg’s new relationship work out on screen as his sweetheart, Andrew Beyer, shows up in the trailer.

Fainting over their relationship, Beyer tells Flagg, “I feel like I’m on an unending sleepover with my dearest companion.” In the sweet second, Flagg tells his new beau, “I love you, holy messenger.”

The land master then, at that point, uncovers seriously astounding news in the sneak look, telling costar Tracy Guide, “I have a house coming up in Little Holmby. Also, proviso: It’s co-recorded with my prospective ex.” In the wake of communicating shock over Flagg’s declaration, Mentor spills the news to Boyd and inquires as to whether the separation was settled. “No,” Boyd replies.

More show results after Guide tells Flagg she talked with Boyd — and Flagg is distraught about it. “Amazing. This is precisely exact thing I need to hear,” he mockingly jests.

Mentor movements to Altman and uncovers, “I’m by all accounts not the only one that is seen him. You all saw him as well.”

Flagg stomps off, leaving Coach and Altman with one last note. “You want to have a kinship with an individual? Have a kinship with an individual. Both of you,” he says.

Flagg went Instagram official with Beyer fourteen days in the wake of reporting his and Boyd’s separation in Spring. He and Boyd had been hitched for quite a long time.

Flagg and Beyer have authoritatively been together for quite a long time, and, this month, Flagg uncovered in a select meeting with Individuals that they are now looking at making a few serious strides in their relationship.

“Allow me to put it to you along these lines: Clearly we’re not getting hitched tomorrow, yet we have taken a gander at wedding scenes potentially on various excursions,” the creator said.

“What’s more, [we] met with the organizers and they were most likely reasoning, ‘Gracious, so when’s the date?’” “We don’t have any idea,” Beyer made sense of. “We’re simply looking.”