Julian Lennon Runs into ‘Uncle’ Paul McCartney at Airport: ‘What Are the Chances?’

Destiny works in puzzling ways, as Julian Lennon and Paul McCartney figured out Saturday.

The 59-year-old performer and child of late Beatles part John Lennon tweeted that he ran into his dad’s previous bandmate at an air terminal by sheer karma.

“It’s Astonishing who you run into in an air terminal parlor! In all honesty, Uncle Paul… .” Julian tweeted. “In this way, so exquisite, and what are the possibilities… Appreciative… .”

Julian posted two highly contrasting shots alongside the tweet, one of him posturing for a selfie with McCartney, 80.

In the subsequent photograph, McCartney focuses to his telephone showing Julian’s seventh studio collection Jude, which was delivered in September.

The collection’s cover workmanship portrays Julian as a little fellow in a white button-up shirt, investigating his shoulder. Unintentionally, the “Past the point of no return for Farewells” vocalist named his new collection after the Beatles hit “Hello Jude,” which McCartney composed for Julian when he was 5 years of age in the midst of his folks John and Cynthia Lennon’s separation.

In April, Julian uncovered on the SiriusXM Volume public broadcast Easy to refute that he had a “adoration can’t stand relationship” with the melody. “I’m appreciative to Paul for composing it and putting some expectation behind what was to come,” Julian made sense of. “However, its drawback was it was a dim sign of what really went down at that point, the division.”

From that point forward, Julian has figured out how to embrace the tune and told Individuals in September that there was a message behind the closeness in name between his collection and the Beatles track.
“It was a lot of intelligent, thoroughly searching in the mirror profoundly and attempting to track down that spot of harmony,” he said.

“I tracked down it a couple of times previously, however it became mixed up in the obfuscate of life. Chipping away at the collection was tied in with reaching out to myself and who I’m.”

That’s what julian said despite the fact that he hasn’t “conveyed any pessimism” over his dad leaving for quite a while, he actually needs to “work through a couple of bunches to a great extent,” and Jude helped open another section for him, alongside his name change in 2020.

“I needed to demonstrate to myself that I’m far beyond John’s child or being [fans’] rendition of John in a many individuals’ psyches,” Julian said. “That meant quite a bit to me, to construct an establishment to myself beyond music, that I was able to do pretty much anything I put my psyche and heart to. I can hold my head as high as possible.”

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