Justin Gilstrap GoFundMe raises above $91,000 as Georgia boy suffers deadly pit bull attack

A 11-year-old Georgia kid named Justin Gilstrap was gone after by three Pit Bulls on Friday, January 6, 2023. Justin was riding his bicycle during the horrendous assault and supported a few serious wounds.

His cousin was quick to find him in a harmed state. An emergency call was made right away and Justin Gilstrap was raced to the medical clinic. He has allegedly gone through different medical procedures. The canine proprietor has been recognized as 26-year-old Burt Bread cook III. Police captured Burt on Friday for wild direct.

A GoFundMe page has been sent off by Justin’s mom Ericka Gilstrap to meet the clinical costs of the 11-year-old. The canine assault left Justin Gilstrap with a few injuries and serious wounds. The pledge drive targets raising $120,000 and has proactively gathered $93,227.

One more awful canine assault episode has been accounted for. This time, a 11-year-old named Justin Gilstrap was mercilessly gone after by three Pitt bulls on Friday when he was riding his bicycle at around 7 pm neighborhood time. The abhorrent canine assault occurred close to Grovetown, Georgia. He supported a few serious wounds because of the assault.

Justin Gilstrap purportedly has chomps on his legs and a torn scalp. He nearly lost one of his ears in the assault. Columbia District delegates have affirmed something very similar with Individuals. The adolescent has gone through various medical procedures and has been awakening intermittently. Justin’s single parent Ericka Gilstrap said:

“This has really been a living bad dream. Toward the beginning of today he awakened and began crying. He was mouthing to us about his bicycle and his Georgia boots. That is all replaceable he’s not! It was desolate! I really want to believe that he doesn’t recollect any of this.”
Ericka further addressed WRDW News and said:

“He didn’t request this. He was simply being a young man playing outside as all the young men do. He ought to be at home right currently riding his bicycle, you know, not calmed in a medical clinic bed. Simply kills me, totally kills me. My unfortunate child.”
Specialists have distinguished the canine proprietor as Burt Bread cook III (26) who conceded that the canine had a place with him. He likewise referenced that his Pit Bulls enjoyed pursuing individuals on bikes. He was captured on Friday on charges of careless direct. It was additionally found that Bread cook has had admonitions in the past with respect to his canines.

The Columbia District Sheriff’s Office gave an assertion to the Augusta Press. The assertion read:

“Each of the three canines went after Justin out and about in the trench, making significant wounds his body that gave off an impression of being dangerous at that point. Justin was taken to AUMC for crisis surgery.”The family has grumbled about Dough puncher’s canines previously, however nothing was finished
Ericka Gilstrap, Justin’s mom is a single parent of four. She sent off a pledge drive to meet her child’s clinical costs. The GoFundMe post read:

“He is missing 70% of his scalp, has a few cuts and staples, they couldn’t contain the injury on his leg, and presently he’s having a temperature.”
She further composed:

“The miserable thing is we have detailed these canines a few times previously! Columbia Region sat idle! It’s miserable it took this for them to accomplish something at last.”
Ericka referenced that regardless of numerous protests, the canines used to be let out without oversight. She further added that they wouldn’t be behind the wall and were not restricted.

Burt Bread cook III has been hung on an obligation of $1,100. Justin Gilstrap’s family is attempting to areas of strength for remain the 11-year-old gradually recuperates from the awful canine assault. As indicated by the GoFundMe post, he might need to go through a couple of additional medical procedures.

Columbia Region’s Chiefs have uncovered that they have gotten endless canine related worries throughout the course of recent years in the Moving Glades region. News 12 reached the Gilstrap family and Ericka told them:

“There isn’t an inch of his body that doesn’t have a cut or injury. His life won’t ever go back from now onward. I don’t believe that another mother should need to sit close to their child like I am doing at present.”
News 12 likewise consulted Justin’s cousin Bricklayer and his mother Kellie Aguilar. Artisan told the media source:

“All I hear is shouting ‘help, help, help.’ I thought my cousin was at his home playing a game. Then I see him staying there in the trench with three canines and blood all over the place, saying, ‘Artisan help, Bricklayer help, Bricklayer help.’ He can take on three Pit bulls. He is no nonsense.”
WRDW News announced that 11-year-old Justin Gilstrap is as of now at the Kids’ Clinic of Georgia.

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