Kate Henshaw, Chioma Akpotha, others bade a tearful farewell to late Ada Ameh

Nollywood has offered late entertainer Ada Ameh goodnight as she is let go today, August 26th.

Kemi Filani news detailed that the entertainer died on Sunday, July 17. She was said to have been a visitor of an oil organization toyshop and his family when she out of nowhere fallen.

She was hurried to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s emergency clinic however passed on before they showed up at the office.

The remaining parts of a late veteran are set to be laid to definite rest today, August 26.

Her partner, Charles Inojie, who assumed the part of her on-screen spouse in the well known Nigerian Comedy TV series, The Johnsons, shared a video of Ameh in her coffin set to be covered in her old neighborhood.

He subtitled his post: IT’S A WRAP FOR ADA AMEH. There lies a chip of us Deadpan and ice-frozen. There lies a messed up legacy. Enclosed by a burial service encasement. In that impenetrable wooden bed. Is our exposed truth. Regardless of the distinctions we breast fed. You can never tell. What amount of us is in them? There again is an inauspicious call. A charge to everybody. That none is guaranteed tomorrow. That we might live today as the best of days. Spreading love past the limits of our agreeable edges. Till the nightfalls faint on the hour not predicted. At the point when the once resonant ensemble. Blurs everlastingly away. On the sullen skylines. Of life’s drapery fall.”

Kate Henshaw, Uche Ogbodo, Chioma Akpotha, Sammie Okposo and more took to his remark segment to bade the entertainer goodbye.

Kate Henshaw: Lord, let my life be utilized for your magnificence… . Accept our sister, partner and companion Ada into your arms…

Uche Ogbodo: Rest in Perfect Peace Ada Ameh

Chioma Akpotha: Rest on Ada

Sammie Okposo: Rest well in harmony Ada Ameh

Chita Oxe: Kai dis life rest well mama

Uche Oduputa: Rest in harmony Amen

Chinneylove: God accompany you sister… loads of adoration

Uche Elendu: 💔💔💔💔💔

Review that Kemi Filani had revealed that as per Ada Ameh’s Obituary banner, on August 19, there was an oddity match in her distinction at Nathaniel Idowu Pitch, Oregie, Lagos, as well as a candlelight parade at Teslim Balogun Stadium around the same time.

While on Thursday, August 25, there was one more candlelight administration at Saint Mary’s Primary School, Ogobia, Benue State.

A burial service and interment followed at her dad’s compound in Otupko Local Government of Benue State.

Ameh, who assumed the part of Anita in the film ‘Domitilla’ in 1996, was popular for her comic characters, particularly in the series The Johnsons.

Born on May 15, 1974, in Ajegunle, Lagos, the well known entertainer had a girl at 14, who unfortunately died in 2020 after a bombed a medical procedure.

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