Keanu Reeves Returning For Constantine Sequel

Anyway it disconnected fans upon release for its adjusted variation of the title character, Constantine turned out to be one of the more productive DC Comic book books changes past its enormous names. It has quite recently filled in fans’ minds from there on out so there is ordinarily a ton of enthusiasm that Keanu Reeves will be back for another film about the obfuscated, chain-smoking exorcist.

Warner Brothers. is cultivating another film including Reeves, with Francis Lawrence (who made his most memorable time in charge on the first) in like manner back prepared. There’s positive tension around the chance of Akiva Goldsman forming the content, yet we’ll save judgment until additional notification.

Moreover involved? JJ Abrams, who had been encouraging a Constantine series for HBO Max, and is effectively unloading that (or at moving it to limbo) to transform into a creator on the film through his Horrendous Robot association.

No plot nuances have moved away yet, but the new film will beyond a shadow of a doubt feature John Constantine sticking to his fundamental objective to boot anyway numerous malicious existences out back to condemnation as he can – all the better to fight his case that his own soul should go to heaven when he fails miserably.

The side project actually just can’t gather a conveyance date, yet the mission starts now for the appearance of Tilda Swinton as the Angel Gabriel and Peter Stomare as Satan.