Ken Jeong and Snowstorm Joke About Nick Cannon’s Many Kids on ‘The Masked Singer’ : ‘Nick Is Tired’

Ken Jeong started off The Concealed Vocalist’s Satire Broil Night by going after have Nick Gun.

“I realize Nick is drained,” Jeong, 53, said prior to going to the dad of 11. “You’ve been up the entire evening remembering his children’s names.” Lady plummeted the stage first to protect their crown. In the first place, Lady of the hour shared another hint as a setlist with “become a legend sovereign” checked off and “misbehave” still left to accomplish.

Lady of the hour shook out to Billy Icon’s “White Wedding” and afterward comedic entertainer Jon Lovitz presented an extra piece of information about the big pink dinosaur.

“They have a film vocation, and they like to flaunt their chest very much like Jenny McCarthy — short the film profession,” said Lovitz, 65. The board — which, alongside McCarthy, 50, and Jeong, likewise incorporates Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke — speculated Lady could be David Arquette, Matthew McConaughey or Scorching Stew Peppers drummer Bug.

Blizzard floated up next for a shot at bringing down Lady of the hour. “To do what I do, you must be merciless,” Blizzard said in her sign bundle, which likewise showed a doormat.

The ice sovereign referred to Contribute Great and working a male-overwhelmed industry. “I began work when I was 18, and it required a tight two years to see myself on the screen,” she added.

Blizzard committed her exhibition of Ariana Grande’s “Say thanks to U, Next” to 44-year-old Scherzinger, who she kidded “has had more renowned exes than Nick has had child mothers.”

She additionally told Gun, 42, “I’m simply so frightened to get excessively near you. I would rather not get pregnant.”

For Blizzard’s extra sign, Lovitz shared that she “has imparted the stage to Superstars like Loot Lowe, and non-Superstars like Dr. Ken.”

The adjudicators proposed Blizzard may be Zooey Deschanel, Heather Graham, Kathryn Hahn, Aubrey Court or Iliza Shlesinger.

Avocado brought a bonus when he showed up on the stage. “I’m light years from where I initially began,” Avocado said in his hint bundle.

Avo used to work in development until “I met a mate who assisted me with exchanging my apparatuses for some sweet, sweet AC,” he said.

“After some achievement I needed to grow my span, so I faced a challenge on a shiny new pursuit, and it turned into a billion-dollar industry.”

The bundle highlighted a mouthpiece and earphones, as well as a wrecked window.

Avocado picked “Hit the Road Jack” by Beam Charles for his presentation. Then Lovitz attacked the green natural product.

“He’s truly into home redesigns,” Lovitz said. “Dislike he’s a Property Brother — those folks are attractive. Avocado has a face you need to pay attention to.”

Avocado hit back. “At the point when’s the last time somebody confused you with George Clooney?” he asked Lovitz. “When’s the last time you elapsed a mirror you didn’t break?”

Tim Allen, Marc Maron and Joe Rogan all emerged as opportunities for Avocado’s character.

After the studio audience and judges presented their votes, Cannon uncovered Lady of the hour would expose first. The bridezilla ended up being grappler Chris Jericho. Avocado and Blizzard continued to the Fight Royale, which Drew Carey (season 3’s Llama!) helped emcee. They each put their twist on “That is no joke” via Carly Simon, which Gun devoted to Thicke, 45.

The board picked Blizzard to forge ahead in the opposition and take the crown, passing on Avocado to expose.

He wanted an assistance from the Men dressed in Dark to pop off his outfit, however when he did, Avocado uncovered himself as radio character Adam Corolla.

The Covered Vocalist airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.