Kris Jenner Says Daughters ‘Raided My Closet’ to Prepare for Her Look-Alike 67th Birthday Party

Kris Jenner got a complimenting birthday surprise Saturday.

The notable matron, 67, was the recipient of a highly classified activity by her little girls, who each spruced up as various variants of their mom to praise her 67th birthday celebration.

“They struck my storage room and I didn’t actually see,” Jenner enlightened Amusement This evening regarding her little girls’ covert operative style endeavors, adding that there was nothing forbidden when it came to her storeroom all things considered. “They worked really hard,” Jenner added, revealed ET.

The momager, who in many cases is energetically taunted by her girls for having such clear top choices among her kids, demanded there was nobody outfit that was awesome.

“Try not to ask me who my most loved is!” The looks reproduced by Jenner’s little girls Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner extended across many years, as every sister tried to address an alternate look from their mom. The main uniform: all the Kardashian sisters wore Jenner’s particular pixie cut.

Kim, 42, wore a figure-embracing green shimmering dress with a tie and said in a TikTok from the party that Jenner wore it for one of the family’s notable Christmas cards a decade prior.

“We did that music video in it,” she added, alluding to a film the family made upon the arrival of the occasion card photograph shoot.

Kourtney, 43, settled on Jenner’s look from Ariana Grande’s “Say thanks to U, Next” music video, where Jenner filled the job held by Amy Poehler in Mean Young ladies by wearing a pink tracksuit and gladly recording Grande’s “Jingle Chime Rock”- roused execution.

Khloé, 38, picked a botanical pantsuit and white fur garment, like the one Kris wears in one of her numerous notable images, as well as a blonde pixie cut.

Kylie, 25, went for a dark pixie cut and a shimmering dark dress, giving proper respect to a one of a kind ’90s Kris look.

Her sister, Kendall, was missing from any photographs or recordings from the occasion.

Kim’s girl, North West, 9, jumped in and have a good time, as well, shaking a dark pixie cut and an all-dark troupe. She shared her search in a TikTok presented on the record she and Kim share.

While taking on the appearance of Jenner was a tomfoolery treat for the momager’s 67th birthday celebration, her girls each common genuine posts the next day to pay tribute to her.

“We had a great time the previous evening praising you and cherished feeling what being a form of you, sprucing up like you is like.

It felt strong and fun! That is what your identity is,” Kim wrote in an Instagram present devoted on her mom.

Khloé referred to her as “the energy everyone needs,” adding that she goes to be “Sufficiently fortunate to be a little percent of what your identity is.”

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