Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2022 Written Update: Kritika clears Luthras doubt

Episode starts with Dadi lets Arjun know that she likewise feels that he is Karan. She requests that he come clean. Kareena says that everybody said that Arjun is Karan yet she didn’t trust them. She asks Arjun that how he knows the secret phrase of the storage. Arjun lets them know that he isn’t Karan. Kritika comes there and says that she knows reality. She lets her family know that Arjun has a deep understanding of Luthras. She says that Arjun even is familiar with Prithvi and Sherlyn.

She lets them know that Arjun knows everything since he is her brother. She lets Arjun know that they never figured he will turn out to be essential for this family. She tells Luthras that Prithvi had secret phrase of the storage and she saw Prithvi and Arjun battling. She says that she is certain that Arjun got secret key from Prithvi. Arjun says that Kritika is correct. Rishabh apologizes to him in the interest of Luthras. He says that Arjun saved their life by saving Kavya. He embraces him.

Arjun lets him know that predetermination chooses everything. He says that he needs to leave now. He takes a gander at Preeta ( Sajdaa tune plays behind the scenes ). He moves from that point. Preeta takes Karan’s name. Arjun quits hearing her. He understands that what he did and he moves from that point. She stops him and she expresses gratitude toward him. He says that he ought to say thanks to them for dealing with him like a relative. Rakhi lets him know that they can’t fail to remember how he helped them. She says that he gained their adoration and appreciation with his activities. She says thanks to him. He goes out. Anjali follows him.

Then again, Prithvi advises Sherlyn that he loves to see her resting. He says that he wouldn’t have succumbed to Sherlyn in the event that he saw Preeta first. He says that he would rather not separate from Sherlyn in light of Preeta. Sherlyn awakens and she asks him that what occurred. He tells her that he went to get water.

Srishti lets Sameer know that she loves Arjun to such an extent. Sameer gets stunned hearing her. She adulates Arjun’s character. He gets irritated hearing her. She says that she would have proposed Arjun on the off chance that she was single. He gets envious hearing her. She lauds Arjun intentionally seeing his response. She lets him know that she was simply kidding. She says that they are made for one another. He reproves her. They begins their cushion battle. She falls on the bed and he falls on him. They grins.

In the interim, Rishabh apologizes to Preeta for acting discourteous with her. Preeta lets him know that he really want not to apologize. She says that she committed error. She is sorry to him. He tells her that she really want not to apologize. He says that this is their most memorable battle. She lets him know that it’s anything but a battle. He tells her that he can’t go to guardians educator meeting since he has meeting tomorrow. She gestures at him. They nods off.

Arjun reviews that how Preeta shouted at him and how he saved Kavya. He requests that Anjali come before him. Anjali sits adjacent to him. He inquires as to whether she is furious. He says thanks to her for dealing with him. She lets him know that he got saved in view of Kritika. She says that Luthras began thinking him. He tells her that he will not double-cross Nidhi. He says that he will get back to London in the wake of getting his payback. She believes that something is unique about him without a doubt.