Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Update: Preeta spots Arjun in the library

Episode starts with lights begins gleaming in the library. Library staff asks everybody ro leave the library for 30 minutes. Prithvi believes that God did this so he could meet Preeta alone. Arjun arrives at the school. He spots Kavya there. He ponders that where is Preeta. He gets some information about Preeta. Kavya comes there. Educator tells Arjun that Preeta should be in the library. She acquaints herself with him. Kavya requests that Arjun leave in light of the fact that Preeta will reprove him in the event that she saw him. Instructor requests that Kavya go to study hall. She feels that Kavya resembles her dad, Arjun.

In the library, Prithvi sits tight for Preeta. He conceals hearing strides. He grins seeing Preeta there. Arjun lets himself know that he won’t allow Prithvi to hurt Preeta. Preeta gets frightened when light beginnings glimmering. She look through books. She hears Prithvi’s voice. He makes commotions purposely to realize that she perceives his voice or not. Light goes off. Prithvi is going to go to Preeta. Be that as it may, Arjun hauls Prithvi out of the library. Prithvi attempts to pound him. Arjun beat him up. Prithvi lets him know that the last option battles with him pointlessly. He lets him know that he is the last’s colleague so Arjun ought to act well. Arjun cautions him to not wander around Preeta.

Prithvi lets him know that the last option additionally succumbed to Preeta like him. Arjun lets him know that he isn’t like him. Prithvi requests that he not talk like that. Arjun lets him know that he would try and prefer not to converse with him. He requests that he leave from that point. Prithvi lets him know that he won’t extra an individual who affront him. He advises him that he knows his insider facts. He requests that he pick either kinship and animosity. Arjun requests that he leave from that point. Prithvi says that he came to invest energy with somebody and leaves from that point. Arjun tracks down a telephone. He gives that telephone to a woman saying that somebody dropped it. She takes that telephone to washroom.

Arjun goes to library. Preeta battles to go out. He tosses a book towards her to redirect her. She contemplates whether apparition is there. He grins seeing her murmuring mantras. She feels that something is off-putting in the library. She requests that God save her. Arjun imagines like God and converses with her. He tells her that he made apparition take off from the library. She stays quiet. That’s what he imagines assuming she truly accepted that God is conversing with her. She asks him that how he knows her name. He tells her that he is God so he knows everybody’s name.

She requests that he tell her dad’s name. He feels that he don’t recall her dad’s name. He tells her that he can’t take a dad’s name. She comprehends that somebody playing with her. She tracks down Arjun. They shouts seeing one another. She lets him know that he did this to alarm her. She believes that he knows to go out so she chooses to follow him. He comprehends that she don’t have the foggiest idea about a best approach out. He believes that he actually loves to inconvenience her.

Episode starts with Anjali illuminates Arjun that tomorrow Rishabh coming to sign not many archives. Following day, Rishabh says thanks to Preeta for understanding that he can’t go with them for parent-educator meeting. Preeta lets him know that educator will whine about Kavya without a doubt. Anjali calls Rishabh. Rishabh affirms Anjali that he will arrive at the workplace on time for meeting. Rakhi tells Preeta that Kavya hided the badam in the room. Preeta lets Kavya know that she will gripe about her to educator. They leaves for the school.

Arjun hears everything. He lets Rishabh know that he will arrive at the workplace on time and detaches the call. He lets Anjali know that he will come following 30 minutes. She lets him know that she needs to get ready for meeting and goes out. He ponders that why he feels irate at whatever point Rishabh and Preeta draws near. He expects that he is feeling like that since he can’t stand them.

Afterward, Preeta’s vehicle stops in the sign. Kavya plays with reflect. Arjun sees them. He ponders that why he gets anxious seeing Preeta. He pivots before Preeta sees him. Preeta requests that Kavya quit playing with reflect. In the mean time, Anjali arrives at the workplace. She organizes Arjun’s lodge. She tracks down Preeta and Arjun’s photograph in his pantry. She imagines that still Arjun cares deeply about Preeta that is the reason he kept this photograph with him. Rishabh comes there. She conceals the photograph from him. He inquires as to whether she is concealing her sweetheart’s photograph. He asks her that where is Arjun. She requests that he sit. She says that Arjun probably caught in the rush hour gridlock. She leaves the lodge.