Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2022 Written Update: Prithvi gets arrested

Episode starts with Preeta lets herself know that she will swoon. She cries saying that she don’t have a clue about a best approach out. She battles to appropriately relax. Arjun sees her. He believes that she is feeling suffocated once more. He requests that she get up. She requests that he take her out. He inquires as to whether she is truly specialist or flopped in the tests. She gets stunned hearing him. He praises her. She looks him. She feels dazed. He lift her up and leaves the library.

He tells her that he don’t anticipate thanks and sorry from her. She lets him know that everybody says that she is a particularly well mannered individual. He tells her that they deceived her. She asks him that for what reason he acted like that in the library. She advises him that she is hitched lady. He tells her that he isn’t keen on her since she isn’t his sort. He says that he talked like that to redirect her brain. He says that she is a particularly unpleasant individual.

Prithvi understands that his telephone is absent. He gets some information about his telephone. Arjun cautions him to not in the middle among him and Luthras. Prithvi says that he is certain that Arjun loves Preeta. Arjun lets him know that he can’t stand Preeta. In the mean time, Preeta goes to washroom. She tracks down Prithvi’s telephone there. She sees that recording is on in the telephone. One woman lets Preeta know that she saw Prithvi outside ladies washroom. They chooses to show a thing or two to Prithvi.

Arjun advises Prithvi to avoid Preeta and Luthras. Preeta and that woman comes there. That woman calls the Police. Prithvi ponders that why Preeta looks furious. Arjun lets him know that the last option will wind up in prison today. Prithvi welcomes Preeta. Preeta lets him know that he stoop so low today. He asks her that what he did. She lets him know that he left his telephone in the washroom and the recording was on. She reprimands him.

Arjun asks Prithvi that how might the last option do that. Prithvi lets Preeta know that he did in no way like that. He tells her that he was looking through his telephone. He says that he is certain that Arjun is behind this. She won’t trust him. He tells her that she realizes that he loves her. He tells her that Arjun attempting to make misconception between them.

Ladies fires pounding Prithvi. Police comes there. Preeta makes sense of them everything. Arjun lets Prithvi know that this is only a trailer. Police captures Prithvi and takes him from that point. Preeta expresses gratitude toward Arjun for aiding her in the library and leaves from that point. Then again, Anjali apologizes to Rishabh. Rishabh advises her to know why Arjun didn’t come and leaves the workplace.