Kundali Bhagya 6th September 2022 Written Update: Arjun bond with Kavya

Episode starts with Arjun grins seeing Preeta conversing with visitors ( Sunle goodness mahiya tune plays behind the scenes ). He peers down when she checks him out. He reviews the minutes he imparted to her. Preeta sees him looking her. They sees that Kavya will tumble from flight of stairs. They runs towards Kavya. Arjun gets Kavya. Preeta inquires as to whether the last option is fine. Kavya deceives her that she is fine. Preeta requests that she show the injury. Arjun says that Kavya is a liar. Kavya mumbles to him that she will tell him later. He takes her to a room. Preeta follows him. Arjun requests that she bring water for Kavya. Preeta leaves from that point.

Arjun asks Kavya that for what reason she deceived Preeta. He says that they are companions so she can impart every one of the key to him. He handshakes with her. He says that she ought to say thanks to him. She lets him know that it’s hard for her to express because of others. He gets some information about her physical issue. She shows her knees to him. Preeta gets stressed seeing the injury. She chastens her for not telling about injury. Arjun requests that she not chide a youngster. Kavya lets him know that Preeta admonishes her the most.

Preeta requests that Arjun do whatever it takes not to act shrewd. She says that she realizes that Arjun utilizing Kavya. He tells Kavya that Preeta chastening him as well. Kavya asks Preeta that how might the last option chasten a grown-up as well. Arjun and Kavya agrees with one another’s position. Preeta requests that they stop it. She takes emergency treatment box. Kavya takes the medical aid box from her and she gives it to Arjun. She requests that he apply salve on her physical issue. Arjun gauzes Kavya’s physical issue. He makes her grin and embraces her. Preeta grins seeing that.

Then again, Prithvi conceals in a room. He trusts that Kritika left. Kritika thumps the entryway. She feels that she is certain Prithvi concealing in the room. Prithvi’s companion opens the entryway. She gets some information about Prithvi. He tells her that he can understand faces. He says that she would have fantasized her adored one.

She gets persuaded hearing him and leaves from that point. Prithvi acclaims his companion. He expresses gratitude toward him. In the interim, Beeji and Janki goes into the house. Kareena says that they are late similar to each year. Beeji tells her that prasad is in the beat. She requests that she send Girish and different workers outside.

Kavya lets Arjun know that he is shrewd. She battles to walk. She says that it’s tormenting. Arjun requests that she hold his hand firmly. She holds his hand. She says that she is feeling far improved. Rishabh sees everything. He lets Arjun know that the last option should have a girl or niece without a doubt. He says that Arjun said nothing regarding his own life.

Kritika spots Sherlyn in the house. Prithvi and his companion sees Kritika and Sherlyn moving towards one another. Prithvi requests that his companion save him. He pushes his companion to Kritika. He takes Sherlyn from that point. They takes cover behind the point of support. Prithvi’s companion persuades Kritika that she daydreamed Sherlyn. Kavya lets Preeta know that she is ravenous. She requests that she bring her number one. Arjun feels that his adoration and his contempt is Preeta.