Kundali Bhagya: Rakhi to recognize Karan!

Shraddha Arya and Shakti Arora starrer Kundali Bhagya is one of the top Zee Television program. It has been around for quite a while now and it was an audience number one consistently. Presently, Preeta and Rishabh sees that Arjun holding great with Kavya so it will be fascinating to watch that what going to occur later on episodes.

That’s what prior it’s seen, Arjun grinned seeing Preeta conversing with visitors. Preeta saw him looking her. They saw Kavya will tumble from the flight of stairs. Arjun got Kavya. Preeta got some information about her physical issue. Kavya misled her that she is fine.

Arjun took her to a room. He send Preeta from that point to bring water for Kavya. He let Kavya know that they are companions so she can impart her insider facts to him. Kavya showed her knees to him. Preeta got stressed seeing Kavya’s physical issue. She admonished her for not illuminating about injury. Arjun told her to not chasten a youngster.

Preeta reproved him as well. Kavya told her to not reprove a grown-up. Preeta took the medical aid box. Kavya advised Arjun to treat her physical issue. So Arjun treated Kavya’s physical issue. Prithvi hided in a room. Kritika thumped the entryway. Prithvi’s companion opened the entryway. She got some information about Prithvi. He told her that he can understand faces.

He said that she would have daydreamed her adored one. She got persuaded hearing him and left from that point. Prithvi expressed gratitude toward his companion. In the interim, Beeji and Janki went into the house. Kareena let them know that they are late similar to each year. Kavya said that it’s tormenting. Arjun requested that she hold his hand firmly.

Rishabh saw everything. He let Arjun know that the last option should have a little girl or niece without a doubt. Kritika seen Sherlyn in the house. Prithvi’s companion persuaded Kritika that she daydreamed Sherlyn. Kavya requested that Preeta bring her #1 food. Arjun believed that his adoration and his scorn is Preeta.

In the forthcoming episode, Rakhi will let Mahesh know that her heart says that Arjun is Karan. Srishti will hear that. Opposite side, Kavya will ask Rishabh what is horoscope. Arjun will let her know horoscope. He will say that they can’t change their horoscope.

Will Mahesh trust Rakhi? Will Srishti tell about Rakhi’s sentiments to Preeta? This multitude of inquiries will be addressed in the impending episodes. To understand what will occur next in your #1 show Kundali Bhagya, remain tuned to this space.