Kundali Bhagya Today’s Episode 15th Written Update Arjun Helps Rishab

The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Shrishti uncovering that she for the most part feels he’s Karan. She is sorry to him. Arjun values her for cherishing him a great deal and makes sense of he’s sure that Karan would have contemplated her his #1 as she is exceptionally great. He then proceeds to differ the subject and says that he’s upset for coming to her room with out find. Shrishti requests that he not dread and requests that he return whenever when he appears as though he’s her #1.

Shrishti clarifies for him that her sister ought not be that unfortunate and that he should start seeing her in a lovely technique as well. She proceeds to say that she doesn’t detest him and that she will get Karan’s energies from him. After their exchange, Arjun leaves from that point. Anjali furthermore attempts to leave with him anyway Shrishti snatches her hand and requests that she not conviction Arjun indiscriminately. Here, Anjali recalls how Shrishti started contending along with her accusing she was making an endeavor to get to know Sameer.

Anjali requests that Shrishti accept regardless of she wants to on the grounds that it doesn’t bother her in any regard. Shrishti attempts to cause Anjali to see that Arjun ought not be one of the most amazing counterpart for her. Anjali will get bothered and questions Preeta who she believes is suitable for Arjun then, at that point. With out losing any time, Shrishti takes Preeta’s title. Anjali will get befuddled and inquires as to whether she comprehends what’s she in any event, talking about as Preeta is as of now hitched.

Shrishti acknowledges what she essentially expressed and requests that Anjali not illuminate this anyone. Afterward, Shrishti goes into her room and ponders for what reason did she take Preeta’s title in any event, sorting out that she is hitched to Rishab. On another angle, Rishab races to the room and starts looking for the keys anyway neglects to look through out them. Needing round, Rishab ponders the spot the keys go. Here, Arjun sees Rishab attempting to find a certain something and requests what’s he in search from.

Rishab lets him know that he can’t find the keys to the storage. Arjun requests that he not dread as he’ll find it and inside some time, he tracks down it for him. Rishab will get stunned and shows up at Arjun. The last option says that it was there exclusively and that he essentially didn’t see it. Kundali Bhagya is fundamentally getting extra entrancing each spending day and owing to this reason, bunches of individuals are taking interest in it. Hold following HindiAble for additional updates.