Kundali Bhagya Written Update 12th September 2022 Episode Arjun Teases Preeta

Permit us to test what happens inside the freshest episode of Kundali Bhagya. It starts with Preeta stepping Arjun’s ft. She seems like he’s making an endeavor to act like Arjun. The couple battle in entry of everyone. Karan lets everyone know that Preeta hit his foot though the last option denies it.

She says that he was unable to move actually so risked on his ft. Sameer includes Arjun’s salvage and lets everyone know that he disagrees with Preeta as Karan is a powerful artist.

Inside the ensuing scene, Rakhi comes and broadcasts a dance contenders among ladies and young men. She says that whoever between them will complete really will win the contenders. Karan says that it isn’t needed. Shrishti inquires as to whether he procured frightened.

Arjun will get disturbed. Mahesh and Sameer furthermore ask Arjun to just acknowledge the issue as it very well may be pleasant. Afterward, Preeta and Arjun issue each other. Karan will get forceful and believes that he can’t lose contrary to her.

Rakhi then communicates that it very well may be young men versus ladies. Each Karan and Preeta give each other a neck-to-neck contenders. For some time, Karan disregards his vengeance.

Yet again karan is demonstrated to have affection toward Preeta, as a matter of fact. Anjali watches him and will become unfortunate about him. She also feels envious seeing Preeta and Arjun’s .

Then, Anjali admonishes Karan for saying a certain something and doing one thing else. She says that he holds on saying that he detests Preeta anyway now and again, he shows his adoration for her.

Anjali gives that she has no drawback with him Arjun cherishing Preeta anyway his twofold prerequisites bother him. It’s little inquiry to say that the sequential’s storyline goes genuinely solid and is snatching everyone’s thought.

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