“Let’s move on please”: RHOSLC fans react after Heather Gay didn’t reveal her “black eye” truth in season 3 finale

The Genuine Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) season 3 finale circulated this Wednesday. Fans were hoping to figure out reality behind Heather Gay’s bruised eye in episode 14.

For more than three weeks, the show hauled Heather’s bruised eye storyline. Watchers were anxiously sitting tight for the unscripted television star to come clean, rather than circumventing it. Sadly, the season 3 finale didn’t zero in on the bruised eye storyline, which irritated fans.

Subsequent to trusting that weeks for Heather will uncover reality with regards to her bruised eye, fans have now chosen to continue on from the subject.

RHOSLC fans are “drained” of Heather Gay’s bruised eye storyline
Since the mid-season trailer, RHOSLC fans have been interested to figure out reality with regards to Heather Gay’s bruised eye that she got during the cast’s San Diego trip.

Heather would not let anybody know how it worked out and who did it to her. Notwithstanding, she continued to raise the subject, yet when somebody asked her what occurred, she would not give any subtleties. She did likewise in the RHOSLC season 3 finale.

Fans pummeled Heather for raising the story and afterward not coming clean. They felt that her bruised eye story was phony and that it was the ideal opportunity for them to continue on from that storyline.

On the last day of the RHOSLC cast’s San Diego trip, Heather awakened with a bruised eye. She previously told Jen Shah and afterward addressed Meredith Marks. Both the ladies were stunned to see Heather’s physical issue and were confounded when it occurred as every one of the three were celebrating till morning.

Heather just said that she didn’t have any idea and would have zero desire to bring any hardship. To Jen, Heather requested to think of storylines for her bruised eye. To Meredith, Heather inferred that she recollected yet didn’t have any desire to discuss it.

She gave similar motivation to other co-stars, asserting she didn’t have the foggiest idea what has been going on with her.

While Heather Gay didn’t uncover reality behind her bruised eye, RHOSLC cast individuals made their theories. Lisa Barlow asserted Heather could have fallen, and Whitney Rose was certain that somebody punched her.

In an After Show episode of RHOSLC season 3, Angie Katsanevas estimated that Jen Shah had something to do with Heather’s physical issue. She said:

“How her room was such a catastrophe, I shared with myself perhaps she stumbled over a shoe or something on the floor and fell, yet I to be totally legit I likewise can’t resist the urge to ponder, accomplished something occur among her and Jen.”

In the finale episode, Angie K. told Whitney and Lisa that Jen was spreading tales about her, saying she gave Heather the bruised eye.

“A companion told me, after the design show, Jen pulled our companion Jake to the side and told him, ‘don’t get excessively near Angie on the grounds that she’s the one that punched Heather in the eye.’”
She was then seen telling Whitney and Lisa that Jen was attempting to destroy her name since hers was “in the latrine.”

Angie K. later got some information about the reports and the last option called it an untruth. Jen asserted that she didn’t converse with anybody about Angie K. also, Heather’s bruised eye.

RHOSLC season 3 will currently return one week from now with its most memorable gathering episode. It will air on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, at 8.00 pm ET on Bravo.

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