“Life Is Fun” Iyabo Ojo Breaks Silence After Being Dragged For Allegedly Sleeping With Men

Nollywood entertainer Iyabo Ojo has responded to reports of her supposed undertaking with wedded men. Days back, the mother of two was hauled online for laying down with men to help her lavish way of life.

Unbothered by the tales, Iyabo Ojo was feeling cheerful as she looked for her various favors. The entertainer affirmed that life is such a lot of fun when one is at long last toward the finish of the dim passage.

As per Iyabo, what she would always see is light and positive outcomes. “Life is such a lot of tomfoolery… … when you’re at long last toward the finish of the dim passage and all you see and will perpetually see is the light and positive outcomes”.

Her post is coming days after a Nigerian lady in the diaspora, prominently known as Adebimpe Alasoadura, had gotten down on Iyabo Ojo and different entertainers for purportedly continuously deceptive little kids with their extravagant ways of life.

In a viral video on Instagram, Adebimpe, in the Yoruba language, cussed out Iyabo Ojo and different entertainers for continuously laying down with rich men who supposedly store their costly ways of life.

She further contrasted Iyabo Ojo and her senior partners like Sola Sobowale and Mama Rainbow, who frequently highlight in films. In any case, She can’t bear the cost of the rich way of life in spite of their persistent effort.

All you entertainers in Nigeria are hoodlums, whores, pointless, evil, transforming yourselves into lady whorehouses… you tempt our little kids by misleading the world with new houses, and new vehicles. Is It from this acting you bring in all that cash? Is it not from selling and pimping these little kids to big men in Ikoyi, and Lekki clubs that you obtain every one of your homes?

Particularly, you, iyabo Ojo which work would you say you are doing that is financing your rich way of life? Your last component in any film was presumably a long time back yet you as of late flaunted your new house in Turkey, misleading these little kids… individuals who buckle down like iya mindful, mother rainbow, sola sobowale could do without you, in the event that it is by difficult work, they will have had more than 10 houses at this point as well.”

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